Is it time to put some Common Sense Restrictions on International Travel?

Whatever you say, champ.

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For something to be popping up lately, enough that it’s noticed with regularity, you need more than just two obscure mentions you had to Google to find.

It’s not used commonly. That is all I was saying. Champ.

obscure mentions.

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Nice Google work. Again, you had to search to find it and assume everyone reads Breitbart.

obscure breitbart is not a good source.



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I’ve never used twitter.

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I certainly did here an I’ve never seen or herd of any of those.

Find anyone using it here prior and I’ll retract, till then… . well, you all know what you can do. :joy:

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I never said Breitbart was obscure. I said you must assume everyone reads it. I don’t tweet either.

Don’t change what I said because you can’t find any obvious sources that use that term short of doing a specific Google search to find it.

Bad form.

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Breitbart is as good as the sources they quote in each article.

This is just something they do, if you can’t refute the facts attack the source.


This is when that goalpost puts on a pair of running shoes. Because its about to move!

They could take a swab test or something for viruses if coming from certain regions like China. I have to get feeled up by a TSA agent every time I travel because some jihadists hijacked and blown up some planes

A virus test isn’t out of the question considering how much damage this has done and we don’t know the full extent of the damage we might not never come out of this financially as strong as a country again.

Never moved anything, “I coined it right HERE”…".

It was my own creation because typing out Chinese Communist Party Virus was unnecessary and tedious.

Throughout history educated, thinking people who have never communicated in any way coined similar phrases and scientific theories contemporaneously.

The one with the biggest audience usually gets the credit by historians but it doesn’t change the facts of contemporaneous inspiration buy multiple sources.

It is a logical reduction from spelling it out to abbreviation.

Take your personal crap elsewhere your bait isn’t working.

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I find it humorous that the CCPV would be of such importance.

Ordinarily it wouldn’t be…but we know how things work in CEC Land.

Yet here we are.

The Hannity political forum.

Lol. Ok.

Learn to read what is posted before dishing out the personal attacks.

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:rofl::rofl: Ok.

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Thanks for bumping my thread. Please continue.

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