Is it time to eliminate FOX news?

It looks like the cancel culture has it’s sights on not just Parler, but all conservative media. CNN is pressuring the T.V. providers to shut down FOX and others. And CNN rarely deviates from DNC objectives. So we can assume that the DNC supports this effort. If FOX goes and Breitbart goes, can this forum possibly survive? Of course not. The democrats have contempt for the free market because they cannot control it. But if they lean on private companies hard enough they can force them to do their bidding. Will this forum be here a year from now?

My question: Do you support the dems cancelling conservative media by force?


You linked to a op-ed piece from over a year ago.
A lot has changed since then. The article primarily went after Fox News. And since then the president has let it be known that Fox News is dead to him. And he has come out to support OAN and NewsMax.
I don’t think that any group has the power to shut down any outlet. And I don’t think that any Democrat who is in a elected position will “lean” on anybody. Anyone who messes with free speech should not be surprised when they get burned by the torch that they weld.

Is this not leaning on?

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Heck, even Germany and France get it.


It’s like that line in “Men In Black” where K mentions that human thought is so poisonous it’s outlawed in the better galaxies.

That’s how it should be in the US with conservative thought.

Well finally an honest one.


I was wondering how long FOX has until they are targeted.

It appears the monoculture is going to get to them rather quickly.

The link is old…the momentum is fresh.


Progressivism is a mental disorder anathema to liberalism.

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Libs have total contempt of out basic rights.

That has been pretty much proven.


That’s pretty bad…being lectures from other countries about basic freedom of speech.

Edit to add. As I said in another thread…it’s what world will perceive us.

Thanks @zantax for making my point.

Germany gets it? Germany isn’t saying that Trump shouldn’t have his freedom if speech removed. They’re saying his freedom of speech should be able to be silenced by government and not private enterprise

No, that isn’t what they said.

I wondered what the article meant by “shut down.” This is what it meant:

“Specifically, I am suggesting that a campaign to end the misinformation by and of Fox News and other false news outlets be formally instituted. There has to be a response; there has to be a reaction.”

“What I’m saying is that we fight fire with fire, or, more specifically, we fight lies with SLAPP lawsuits in the same manner that people such as Trump himself and Bob Murray have used them to keep media outlets from addressing certain subjects, as explained here gloriously by John Oliver.”

Fox has been targeted by the left for decades.

Dissension is not allowed in Critical Justice

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FOX hasn’t been deplatformed yet…that could change any day.

By who or what?


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Apple and google stores spring to mind, as well as cable providers.

Really…How’s that? Which party wants to decide who one can marry, what one can smoke etc. Which party bought forth the Patriot act?