Is it time to defund the Capitol Police?

Federal Marshals handled months of riots and insurrection at the White House and Federal Courthouse in Portland with no fatalities. In contrast four unarmed protestors died at the Capitol on January 6.

One was shot dead without warning by a Capitol Policeman. The police have not released a name for the officer and I have seen no reports on the investigation.

One protestor was apparently trampled to death. I have seen no reports on the circumstances of that death.

Two others died from unspecified “medical emergencies”.

In addition to the protestors, one officer died the day after the protests, and the cause of death is still under investigation. There is no evidence of injuries to substantiate early rumors that the officer died from a blow from fire extinguisher. Reports are that the body has been cremated without an autopsy so the true cause of death may never be known:

Since January 6, at least two Capitol Police have died from suicide, and the police union has called for a complete overhaul of the management. The police force clearly shows signs of gross mismanagement.

My observation is that the Capitol Police have shown little evidence of competence and little transparency in the events since January 6.

Many Democrats supported efforts to defund police in the past. Is it time to follow through and defund the Capitol Police and hand over their responsibilities to Federal Marshals?

Doubt that but it is one of many ironies that for days ahead of the events of the 6th the dims were on the attack against the new congresswoman from Colorado who wanted to carry a gun in the Capitol.

Didn’t sound so outrageous after the 6th.

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Once the dirty work is done and there’s no turning back, the truth will be exposed only…because it’s now too late. The lies about how this officer died has been the sheople food used to help motivate the fake impeachment and get the sheople to regurgibleat these lies in the flocks they herd in across the nation. I’ll never understand why the smart people within the sheoplized wool of deception, have not wised up to what’s actually going on.

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That is not in any way remotely true. The crowd was given multiple warnings

Capitol police are responsible for people who taser themselves to death in the midst of a crime?

Please post a link for a video and/or eye witness accounts of the alleged warnings.

“The crowd” was roughly 500,000 people and stretched over several city blocks, and I have seen no evidence that police provided any warnings or even had the capability (such as public address systems) to give warnings to a crowd of this size. The Capitol Police appeared to be clueless in how to deal with a crowd of this size.

The videos of the Ashli Babbitt shooting that I have seen show no warnings. In most of them the gunman is not even visible because of the crowd. The one where he is visible, appears to show him stepping out a side doorway on the opposite side of the hallway from Babbitt and it is likely that she did not even know he was there before she was shot.

Lets see…broke through barricades, then broke through the outter doors, were trying to break through inner doors, assaulting police officers…Do they really need to issue a warning after that? And what happened to Cons favorite defense of cops…“They were in fear of their lives”, or does that only apply when “thugs” and scary looking people are shot?

It was a peaceful protest. The 100+ injured officers slipped or something

Trump supporters: You can’t elect democrats - they want to defund the police!!!

Also Trump supporters: DEFUND THE POLICE!!!

Got to love it.

There are videos of police letting people into the Capitol building.

For comparison here are some videos of Antifa attacks on federal officers at the Portland Federal Courthouse:

And federal agents were injured at the White House during riots as Democrats cheered.

Please produce videos and/or eye witness accounts of police warnings. Or are they just an urban legend?

From your link…

“Capitol police appeared to let a mass of Trump demonstrators right into the Capitol building at one entry point”

"Once police lines broke, security became overwhelmed at the size of the mob breaking through, with some of the rioters armed with a form of pepper spray. Clashes occurred at various entrances"

There are many more videos of rioters breaking through doors and fighting with cops, than there are of being invited in. Now an easy question for you. With the shooting incident, did it look like the cop was inviting them in or trying to keep them out?

So why does this not apply in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Portland, Seattle? Are the lives of ordinary citizens…and officers in those cities, less valuable than politicians or the officers in DC?

What’s actually going on Cassandra?

Yes i know, hence the reference


I didn’t. Thank you…I think? :sunglasses:

I considered nominating that guy for a Darwin award, but in my pre-nomination research I learned that a NY Times reporter attempted to render aid to the man OUTSIDE the capitol building, and says he never even went inside. His widow said the same thing. I didn’t research any further than that, being that a Darwin Award should be undisputed fact.

We still do not know who killed that unarmed woman. Travesty.

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You don’t need to

So when protests break through a barricade, then break through the door we now have a right to shoot em?

Just want to be clear here because libs keep moving the goal post.

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