Is it time for the democratic party to start supporting the police?

Let’s say that the most liberal of liberal liberals comes to power and bans a certain type of firearm.

The police come to your door to enforce the law of confiscation of the firearm.

If you don’t give it to them and resist.

Do you hate the police?

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I didn’t. So, you are wrong.

Playing what if this morning?

Because it’s not always true. Yes, that is the ideal, but there are cases where compliance is rewarded with a bull it. While rare, these cases get a lot of coverage.

“ Video showing Kinsey lying on his back, holding his hands in the air and begging officers not to shoot went viral and drew national outrage.‘

Conservatives always think so binary

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It is a very real possibility seeing as what is going on in VA.

So… what would happen?

Would the police be supported or not?

Back to what if. How about they face that situation if it ever happens?

p,s, The left complains so much about the police, would they prefer a nation with no police and no laws? :thinking:

Most people have trouble with the police when they resist or attack them.

Respect authority or get shot to death

This whole thread is one big what if

He didnt respect authority brought this on himself

Not really. Dems are always being critical of the police.

No they don’t.

You should answer my question first. Mine is real. Not hypothetical. Should the democratic party do better at supporting the police?

We are critical of our government when it does something we are not happy about.
Why can’t the same standard apply to law enforcement?

Yep. When was the last time any democrat claimed to be a strong supporter of the police?

Bad law, you betcha.

Yours is based on your opinion that liberals want it to be Alabama in 1965. Its not real. Stop trying to make your “what if” real.

When did I do that?

Why did they attack Darrin Wilson? What did he do wrong? Law enforcement? I don’t understand the concept of blaming 700;000 cops for the actions of a dozen. Why blame law enforcement at all? That’s just stupid.

Nope we’re doing just fine.