Is it time for the democratic party to start supporting the police?

So you advocate people breaking the law?

Who is telling people to resist police?

Because the republicans outwardly and vigorously support police. The dems only seem to complain about police. Liberal groups have had huge demonstrations where they shout " What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? NOW!" And liberals largely ignored it. Liberals falsely accuses Darrin Wilson of murder. Conservatives did not. Liberals have still not acknowledged that he did nothing wrong and was destroyed by them.

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A lot can be learned about that topic by watching Fox News.


Who is telling people to comply with police? If I were a civil rights leader, I would tell people that the police are not out to harm you. If confronted by a police officer, simply be respectful and compliant and you will not be injured. Good idea?

Ok, which talking head on the right brought this up this morning?


So when an African American, waiting by his broken down vehicle, waiting for help, is needlessly shot and killed by police, we should applaud the police?

Are you giving me a test? I don’t take tests. And what does my personal experiences have to do with the lack of liberal support for the police?

So you can’t name anyone who is telling people to resist police? Your imagination is running wild today…

Let me guess, you are white?

The key is to be respectful while also standing firm, to know your rights, and to be able to cite the statutes needed to protect you from corrupt authorities. It’s always a good idea to record your encounters with the police. Live stream is preferable so they can’t destroy your evidence.

There are a lot of attorneys out there that will take your case at no upfront cost to you if you have clear video proof of them violating your rights/committing a felony.

Survive the encounter, then strike at their legal weaknesses.

Yes! Absolutely! Nearly all 700,000 of them. They don’t need to be convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. Then I would send the one guilty cop to prison.

I would also make it clear that everyone should completely comply with police and you will not be harmed.

Now a question for you. Why do you suppose that liberals rushed to judgement and pre-convicted Darrin Wilson? Conservatives did not. Is he owed an apology?

Who is telling people to not comply woth police. Your entire premise is made up.

Because they hate police and want black people dead!

You advocate sending the military out on US citizens? Talk about fascist bootlicking…

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You almost got extra cool points when I first read that as, “beratna.” :wink:

So you applaud the cop who shot and killed the guy waiting for assistance? Interesting.

That doesn’t happen in real life. Especially to African Americans. Older white dudes driving in their cushy suburban developments, sure.

Don’t know. I don’t speak for all liberals.

Then straighten me out. Give me a clue. Which civil rights leader is telling people to respectfully comply with police orders when confronted by an officer? This works nearly 100 percent of the time. I’ll wait.

Solid non-answer.

Maybe you don’t speak for all liberals. But all liberals pre convicted Wilson and none had the decency to admit they were wrong. Conservatives didn’t have that problem.