Is it time for the democratic party to start supporting the police?

Of course it is. The liberals desperately hope and want today to be exactly like Alabama in 1965. Well sorry about your luck folks, wanting something doesn’t make it so. There are nearly 700,000 police officers in America today and nearly everyone of them has a dash cam and a body cam. Nearly every case of alleged police brutality is recorded. Many inner city police departments are headed by African American chiefs. Yet the libs would have you believe that these chiefs are leading a war against “brown people.” Real cases of police brutality are so infrequent that they nearly always make national TV. Nearly 700,000 cops, and real cases of police brutality are as rare as sasquatch. It’s time for the dems to stop the war on the police. Here’s what the dems refuse to tell you.

“Hand’s up don’t shoot” was a huge lie designed to condemn all police. They wanted it to be true. They should have apologized to officer Wilson for their character assassination of him and destroying his career. They did not. Their treatment of him was appalling and they never made it right. If a suspect puts his hands up, does not resist, doesn’t “scuffle” with police, the chances of him being hurt are as close to zero as they can possibly be.

Just don’t resist and you will be fine. Why is nobody saying this? Because they don’t want you to be fine. They would rather have somebody killed so that they can keep their stupid agenda alive.



Deep state dems want people dead!

No they don’t.

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Yes they do.

Young African Americans are being taught to fear police. Are any being taught not to resist police? Why aren’t they?

Nah, I know a bunch of liberals. And not one of them say “Man, I really wish today could be exactly like Alabama back in 1965.”

That’s a stupid as Republicans saying “Man, I wish today could be exactly like South Carolina back in 1855.”

Totally agree, altair. We should do away with our constitutional protections as well. Let’s all trust government enforcement.

What do you know about being a young african american growing up in the USA?

More blatant lies.

There’s a lot of community outreach where police and communities interact, so everyone learns to respect one another.

Stop watching COPS on TV.

■■■■ da police!


Do you think that the democratic party should be more supportive of police? Do you believe that police believe that the democrats have their back?

Right on brada


Democratic party does support the police. Where did you get this notion they don’t?

Do you believe that civil rights leaders are doing a good job of telling people to comply with police rather than resists?

VA Dems were fantasizing about sending out the National Guard to enforce draconian gun laws.

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The GOP is the party of law and order. Not like those libz who hate the police and want black people dead

Why not support the national guard? If we’re going to be statist bootlickers, let’s go the whole way.

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And they shouldn’t?

Tread lightly… you have no clue what you are talking about.


Wait, so now its up to civil rights leaders to tell people? There should be zero effort by police to reach out to communities? Why is it one sided?