Is it time for the CIA and China to instigate a coup in Australia?

The Australia’s Sky News recently ran a piece about how the US state-controlled media keep protecting the puppet-in-chief who occupies the White House. Such attacks against the man picked by China and the CIA to lead the US clearly cannot be tolerated.

China has been unhappy with Australia in the recent months for the Australian governments concerns human rights:


Charges of CIA involvement in Australia’s internal politics go back decades.

Is it time for the CIA and China to instigate a new coup to silence this insolence from Australia?

Maybe MI6 can help too?


Gotta protect Biden and his Chinese masters . . .

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I love this fantasy

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I’m already seen something from Australia about concerns of Joe Biden being mentally compromised.

The world sees it. It’s going to lead United States to war because of it.

What about insolence from us? Biden went after them on human rights just a few days ago.

Cory Bernardi represents Australia to the same extent that Tucker Carlson represents the United States.

You guys put way too much faith in pundits.


The spokes-puppet justifies China’s genocide and repression as “different cultural norms”:

In contrast Australia has been seeking international investigations into abuse claims in China:

China has been hitting Australia with trade sanctions in retaliation for Australia’s call for an independent investigation of the origin of COVID-19, and it has called for the UN to investigate Australia for daring to bring up China’s abuse of Uighurs and other minorities.

Clearly Australia needs to get into line, or it may face another coup.

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He did no such thing.

It’s almost like Mike Cernovich is lying to his audience or something.

He would never! :rofl:

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Still can’t meme. Tsk, tsk

China doesn’t want upheaval in their property down under.

File this under “just because you’re paranoid does not mean that they are not out to get you.” :wink:

It’s. A. Reaction.

Lawd at least learn the things.

Perhaps I need to note that Sky News (Australia) is a Murdoch owned media outlet that aspires to emulate Fox News. Anything emanating from it should be treated with less gravitas than the proverbial grain of salt. Similarly, the Herald Sun is a Murdoch owned publication. As for Cory Bernardi there were very, very few members of the previous Australian parliament more loathsome than him.

As for our current difficulties with China a change of federal government would go a long way to resolving those difficulties. Notwithstanding those difficulties, it should also be noted that Australia still maintains a healthy trade surplus with China.

Let me also point out that the predominant media outlet, including monopoly newspapers in some Australian capital cities, is under the ownership of Murdoch.

Never before’ has the leader of the free world been ‘so cognitively compromised

I think more accurately, it should have said; Never before has the free world been ‘so cognitively compromised. If Forest Gump were alive right now, he’d be pointing his finger in every direction and say, “stupid is, as stupid does”.

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