Is it time for inner city police departments to replace police with social workers?

One of the things I’ve seen more and more frequently is that many police departments are having difficulty recruiting:

So why not put in the reforms that most progs support?

Replace? No.

Augment? Yes.

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I could be wrong but I think if there is a red wave type election (Not saying there will be) the defund topic will only be among the fringe. If polls are to be trusted crime in certain cities is a #1 or #2 issue. Depends on where you live.

Ride along advisors? :joy:

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Maybe. Whatever they find works.

I’d like to see that.

The problem many cities are seeing is that few people are signing up to be police officers to replace the record numbers who have either retired, quit, or left to other departments. So now out of desperation they may find it necessary to up the numbers of people tasked with patrolling the communities. So why not put their ideological views to the real world test? Have a separate department that is tasked with let’s call it “community support”, but let them be the one’s who largely do much of the jobs police normally did.

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Wouldn’t that be a better task for a social worker?

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I am sure cops have different ideas from each other,
but my inclination is that we should let the cops decide what the cops should do.

I don’t know how to fix a car. I believe, and back those with mechanical experience. I don’t want politicians interfering.

I don’t know how to win a small war in the Middle East. I believe and back those with military experience. I don’t want politicians interfering.

Guess how I feel about inner-city crime?

I would think a sanitation worker would be better equipped to resolve the situation. I thought the left actually had no issue with human defecation on the ground. I guess it’s okay for public streets and near schools, but not her lawn.


Oh no! No, no, no, no!


“1 Eve 12, this is dispatch, please be advised of emotional distress at 4th and Main. They/Them has encountered a meanie hater. Please take caution, tissues and a Diet Pepsi to the crime scene.”


Good God.

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Nope, can’t go with you. It is entirely right and appropriate that in a free society, the people have a say in how they are policed.

“Let the cops decide what the cops should do” is lunacy


I hate to say this, but if youe augment police with (anything) you end up with armed (anything).

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You seem to have a wild imagination about this.
I worked at an overnight convenience store for a while.
I had many occasions to call the police.

They generally seemed to know their jobs better than anyone who got their ideas from tv and politicized stereotypes.

I’ve been on the other side to (as a protester) the goofy crappy conspiratorial thoughts I heard about cops (from my fellow protesters) were enough to make any sober person that we are much better off without the goofy poltical ideas that poltically-minded people would force upon cops.

You want to insert your ideas? Start with Ford vs Chevy and the best way to fix a transmission.

Meh. I am not on board with it. You might pine for a police state, but I do not

Police state?
Hmm you have a very active imagination.
Did yiu study criminology or get your ideas from some goofy political friends?