Is it time for CNN to apologize?

CNN makes the mistake of being in the middle catering to no one. Their solution is to invite Trump supporters to say outrageous things and get the panels all worked up for ratings gold. Except they’re in last. So maybe they should be in last and have some dignity.

Fat donald has his supporters in a ■■■■■■■ mind trance. :joy:



Don’t over think this.

It’s really not that interesting if you think about it. The answer is simple. I watched more CNN than I did MSNBC. So that’s what I saw. A constant, non stop pathological obsession with The Russia Hoax. As if all they had to do was to say it and it would be true. And BTW, I did mention Rachel, so MSNBC was not completely omitted.

I hope this clears up your confusion.

Jeff is my friend…why is CNN so mean to me…i hate cnn. everyone should hate cnn…unless they are my friend again…

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I hate it when people think they can say something and it would be true. Hate it. Just the worst.

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This, right here.


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I hear ya! And it’s even worse when they want it sooooooo badly that they cry when it doesn’t happen. I felt a little sorry for them.

Usually they send someone else out there to yell for them, put on a show.

That is because no one can tell the difference at CNN between their hard news segments and their politically biased opinion segments, it all one giant hate Trump mess of a network.

What do you consider to be the “Russia hoax”? That the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 election? Because that’s the only exoneration I’m aware of in Barr’s summary. In your mind, there’s no question that Russia attempted to influence our election, is there?

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True. Acosta is supposed to be a reporter. He’s anything but. He’s merely a DNC clown claiming to be a journalist.

So is MSNBC, why aren’t trump supporters going after it with the same fervor?

Russian trolls on social media trying to stir up animosity, that was about it. They did nothing more than the Russians and Chinese and Iranians have been doing for decades. Even Obama characterized people trying to make more of it than that, as whiners and conspiracy kooks.

There was an attempt to influence the election. But the hoax was the attempt to connected it to Trump. That was pure corruption. Wiretapping Trump tower and other sleazy stuff.

But the Russian attempt failed. You don’t know a single person who decided not to vote for Hillary because of the Russians.

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Don’t look for defense of MSNBC from me.

This thread is about CNN, so that was where I kept my comments to. Want a thread dedicated to whinging about MSNBC, go start one.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the U.S. intelligence community assessment of the threat. It is not what you think, apparently:

I suggest that you ask any Trump voter if Russia convinced them to vote for Trump. Most will tell you that Russia didn’t. But Hillary did.

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This is the mantra of leftists when in fact President Trump is the most truthful President we’ve had in decades. Whatever he himself has been able to do he has fulfilled has campaign promises. But once again leftists are always guilty of what they accuse others of, it never fails and this accusation is just another one.

And I don’t think it’s strange at all to Make America Great Again or to Keep America Great in fact it’s very strange & disturbing if you don’t want a great nation.

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You’re right, about that specifically. I do, however, know a few whose opinion of her went from disinterest to active dislike because of untrue garbage spread on social media, e.g. Pizzagate.

In other words Trump is dishonest but he does some things i like so i don’t care. The fact that you feel the need to pretend he’s honest despite the massive amount of lies is silly and you shouldn’t bother. Yes he’s a liar, but he did get rid of some regulations, picked supreme court judges off the list he said he would, moved the embassy to Jerusalem etc. He didn’t lie about some things that matter. It does remind me of Kellyanne Conway who got snippy with a reporter when asked about all of Trump’s lies and her response was along the lines of " What about all the times he doesn’t lie?"