Is it time for CNN to apologize?

This is why I just can’t do CNN.

I try. I honestly prefer to get my news from many different sources. But CNN is nearly impossible to watch. They constantly get it wrong. They refuse to question the authority of their DNC handlers. Two years of Russia lies and they still refuse to correct the record or apologize for wasting your time. While channel surfing, after the release of the Mueller report, Rachel (MSNBC), Anderson and Erin all looked like they were about to burst into tears. All glassy eyed and blubbery faced. I was half expecting to see the lower lip quiver. Why? Because they found out that their President is NOT a traitor. My God people, can’t you occasionally act like professionals? Is that too much to ask? That was ridiculous.
My top 4 CNN debacles.

  1. Russia. For over two years this was nearly all they covered. Boring me to death every time I tried to watch. They ignored many important stories in favor of the same crap. Over and over again. And they did not cover it as reporters. They covered it as prosecutors. They picked a side. Even when the evidence, or lack of it proved they chose the wrong side.

  2. Covington Catholic. Again, they picked a side. Tried to destroy a teenager who did nothing wrong. Targeting a kid? Shameful. The evidence fully supported Cov. Cath but CNN didn’t care. Appalling.

  3. The New Zealand mass shooting. I saw the story break on Fox. Fox did the right thing. They focused on the maniac who committed the atrocity. Then I switched to CNN. Who did they blame? They blamed me. They blamed President Trump. Who has no authority in New Zealand. They blamed me for supporting him.

  4. “Hands up don’t shoot.” They promoted this lie without any attempt to question or verify it. They had no problem destroying an honest police officer’s life without just cause. This was simply evil.

But if you like to watch CNN, then please do. I am not threatened by them as you are by FOX. I do not want them shut down as you do with FOX. I merely believe that they are full of ■■■■■ So I rarely watch them. You should be free to watch who you choose. And so should I. I just can’t take the dishonesty.


It must be strange to go through life defending a man who lies to you constantly to the tune of around 10 per day, yet be so completely oblivious that you demand an apology campaign for anything said even remotely erroneous by those reporting on him.

Is it time for Donald Trump to apologize for his thousands of lies? For equivocating between white supremacists and those protesting them? For putting children in cages? For repeatedly making racist, bigoted remarks? For suckering the gullible rubes of rural, white America into buying his snake oil?

Is it time for conservative America to apologize to the rest of us?


CNN has absolutely nothing to apologize for.

You don’t like how they cover the news then watch some other network.

Really that simple.


Late winter storm warning: for some reason, recent national news has caused the appearance of thousands of delicate, unique snowflakes, looking for apologies.


They should apologize soon as Fox apologizes to Obama for letting birthers have a platform


What a bunch of garbage, as usual.

I dislike dishonesty, that’s why i support Trump and like Fox News. I’m a reasonable poster on the hannity forums that has to put up with liberals.


So, in your opinion, every instance of Trump “lying” is fake news, even when confronted with irrefutable evidence? How does one manage to do that?

it’s quite easy, i watch Fox News and they tell me i’m right and then i come here and the same handful of people post exactly what i’ve posted five hours ago so it must have been accurate.



Let the market decide how they should be treated. When I listen to the racism of Don Lemon…it’s only a matter of time and he’s either going to be fired or they’re going bankrupt?

Off topic. Please get on topic.


Nope. Not even close. Fox did not takes sides. As a network, they did not support the birthers. CNN was fully vested in the Russia hoax. There was zero degrees of separation between them and the DNC. But maybe you are right. They should not change a thing. And their ratings can continue to fall just beneath a re-run of Pawn Stars.

Read my comment again… They gave the birthers the platform… Stop it

Beto sure got hit bad by that storm

Come again my good man

Did CNN give them a platform? Answer. Yes. They had several of them on. So there’s that.

I remember watching Glenn Beck on Fox until the show just got crazier and crazier as the chalk board rants took over. I don’t remember it always being that bad, but my memory of it isn’t great either.

CNN also called them on their lies… Fox news not so much

Interesting how trump supporters target CNN but not MSNBC which has better ratings than CNN. who I’m I kidding, I know exactly why.




Cause trump said CNN is bad they must attack them