Is it time for Biden to "man up" and commit to an audit of the election?

Before the elecition Joe Biden committed to an independent certification of election before declaring victory, and he claims that he wants to unite the nation. Since then we have seen a tidal wave of evidence of massive voting fraud targeting key swing states, and seventy percent of Republicans believe that the election was not free and fair.

Does Biden need to man up and call for full audits of election results including manual recounts in close races?

Biden has called for national unity. How can there be unity without trust in the election process?

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Or Trump should “man up” and admit he lost the election.


We should all man up and just be patient until the ballots are counted and certified.

My money is still on Biden.


The evidence of massive fraud and a compromised election system will not go away.

The ability to swing elections with fraud is a cancer on the body politic. It will destroy the nation if it is not addressed immediately.

This is the hill to die on to save the country.

IF…the desire is to unite the nation, the election results need to be thoroughly examined by sources trusted by all sides…PERIOD. IMO…not doing so, may ignite a force that’s been quiet for a long time.


I have no problem with it.

Having an audit is not an impediment to letting the transition go forward.

Trump can release the GSA to give the resources for the transition while this is happening


I agree, minus the thing about massive evidence, if there is, I haven’t seen it. that aside, warranted or not, it’s a really, really bad thing when that many people think elections are no longer above board.


The only reason people are doubting the election is Trump the GOP and RW media.

These are baseless claims.


Does Joe Biden even have control of that? That seems like a state control kind of thing. I would be totally fine with it. But there’s no amount of evidence that’s going to prove lack of cheating to those who are lost in the conspiracy world.

And? That means we should ignore it and hope it goes away? Bad things tend to happen when people no longer trust elections.

We aren’t talking about a handful of kooks.

In the last two states I’ve lived in, every election gets audited afterward. It’s partly why we were instructed as election judges to throw nothing out. Hell, we had to account for every stub from every pad of used ballots.

Does it matter how many kooks there are?

I know. Trump is encouraging and more and more of them every day. I think it’s a good idea to do an audit. Do you think an audit will change most their minds?

I don’t. Too far gone.


Baseless claims are baseless.

And if your main reason for not trusting an election is losing, try a better candidate next time.

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I totally agree. Plus there’s no way Trump would confirm the results and it would all be pointless.

0-12 in his legal challenges thus far, with zero evidence presented of widespread fraud.

Well one minor technical victory in which he was also admonished by the judge for lying that his team didn’t have access to the counting facility.

There is no evidence of widespread fraud.

It’s silly on its face.

People aren’t trusting elections BECAUSE of baseless claims being amplified by GOP enablers and talk media, and your “solution” to this is to grant those baseless claims merit.

Yep…we are finished as a functioning Republic if this is the “logic” we are going to use.

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Absolutely. This country can be brought to its knees if as little as ten percent of us decided to stop paying taxes or just shopping, let alone took up arms.