Is It Real? Or Fake?

Hate, and violence! and then innocent, victim? The far left has continuously been condoning violence and hate against the Republicans for months now, and yet a couple of weeks before the mid-term elections several Liberal Democrat organizations and Democrat leaders are supposedly getting bomb threats and other life threatening things sent to them.

Does anyone else find it “ironic” because not only of the timing, but because it all seems to be happening all at once?

Are they trying to playing the victim now and faking this? Or is this all real?

Tinfoil futures are going up I see.

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Deep State.

The irony in this statement.

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That’s what I’d say also, if I didn’t want to answer the question. lol.

Details are a good thing. Don’t simply just put “The irony in this statement.”.
That sounds stupid. Collaborate and try and prove me wrong!
It’ll make you look more intelligent that way.

What Democratic leaders have condoned violence against Republicans? And no, making someone uncomfortable while they are trying to eat dinner is not “violence”.

I was wondering when this thread would pop up…:thinking: :joy:

I would say getting up directly in a persons face, and screaming at them is pretty intimidating, and an act of hate speech and hate, and very close to violence. What would you consider violence? Something physical? Such as things thrown upon someone else? Yes, that’s happened to Conservatives before.

When Maxine Watters tells Democrat voters to get up in someone’s faces, and make sure that they’re not welcome, and when these moronic mob of the Democrats are doing this, basically the Democrats are encouraging violence.
You’re basically using Bill Clinton’s version of “it depends on what the meaning of is, is?” lol. Are the Democrats directly saying go physically attack and hurt Republicans? No, but when things like Scalise getting shot happens, don’t you think that is to far already? I mean, I don’t know what your definition of violence is once again, but I would think that an actual Responsible and Moral Democrat Politicians would come out publicly and say that any act of violence would be wrong, not be like Watters and egg on her voters do possibly do acts of violence. What would you do if someone got up in your face yelling at you, screaming the opposing values of what you believed, calling you sick, immoral and other things? Would you just sit there and take it, or push back?

Trump voters get beaten up simply for having a bumper sticker on the back of their car. Once again, when something like that happens, and Democrat voters are doing such things, then Why would responsible, and moral Democrat politicians PUBLICLY come out and tell their voters not to act like that? It’s because they want them to attack violently Conservatives!


I’m glad that you can wonder. Well here it is, just for your viewing pleasure.
Take a seat, you might learn a thing or two.

I wonder if these organizations and people on the far left are simply possibly just making it up, to maybe get some sympathy on their side before the midterms?

If that is the case, I wonder if it’s working?

Maybe it’s thee Russians?

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Trump has been calling the Media the enemy of the American people for over two years.

Personally, if I were Trump and the Republicans I would let Mueller and the other Dems keep going with the whole witch hunt. That way when they’re still searching, and into Trumps 2nd term in office, maybe after about 6 years into it, then I’d expose the Dems. I’d calculate how much time, and money, and other things resources wise the Democrats took to try to expose Trump, and yet they never could find any collusion. lol. Hopefully a story would be written about how this is how the Democratic Party normally runs. 6 years of hardly any results, and they love to waste the American tax payers money on absolutely nothing. lol

Trump last week said he was proud of a someone committing physical assault on a reporter.


Yelling at someone is not violent.

Telling supporters that you will pay their legal fees if they punch protesters, lamenting about the “good old days” when protesters could be beaten and taken out on a stretcher, and cheering a Republican physically assaulting a reporter?

Those would be promotions of actual violence.

not a single Democrat has praised one of those act of violence, Trump on the other hand praised someone for committing physical assault last week.

It all really started when Obama would hold his rally’s and openly say that Republicans were nothing more than an angry mob and tried to stoke hatred for them among Democrats… Oh, wait.

That’s because the majority of the media in general in America are biased left wing Liberal Democrat Politics that are simply one sided, and not equal. If one side of the political spectrum owns and controls most of what people watch, hear, or see, and they’re biased about it politically, I would call that corrupt and evil. What would you call it?

“It really depends on what the meaning of is, is?”