Is it possible to hack an election?

Probably. Dims got to explain why Trump got 70 million votes. There should have been a blue wave for Biden.

But there was a blue wave for Biden. It is obvious that a whole bunch of Republicans voted for Biden and then voted Republican down ballot.

Why would he need to do that?

old kid sniffer just sayin

What has that got to do with Biden’s reading ability?

Uh cause the dudes old? Maybe?

Well we were told for four years Russia hacked the elections so I assume the answer is yes.

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Maybe that doesn’t make sense?

Dunno, mine is always on and waiting for a wake word on mic or network.

I saw a switch in the Virginia returns in this election.

Trump admitted his distaste for reading at any age.

So? That is a typical male.

Not sure if that’s a meant as a defense for Trump, for Biden, or an indictment of the XY demographic entire.

Why didn’t Dems hack the Louisiana or Alabama?
Why didn’t Dems hack Kentucky Senate race or SC’s Senate race?
Why didn’t Dems hack Matt Gaetz’s congressional seat or Devin Nunes’s seat?

So selective. I say that these hackers suck at their jobs.

Some males don’t like to read. That’s doesn’t mean that they can’t read or don’t read; they don’t like to read.

Take it however you want to. IMO, it is not worth mentioning.

One can not like something but do it. Obviously Trump does. Biden gets confused about little things.

I think the problem may be software reading ballots, illegal ballots and stacking the deck.

Not sure this is the deflection you really want.

Oh man, the first two minutes of that video were pure comedy gold.

Such a professional opening- it just SCREAMED OUT that what was going to follow in the rest of the video would be a complete dispassionate and objective discussion of just the facts.

James O’Keefe couldn’t have done it better.

:rofl: :rofl:

I think the real underlying problem is the failure to accept that Trump lost.