Is it possible to hack an election?

It looks like hacking an election is not just possible but amazingly easy, and elections have already be hacked. That was revealed in a recent interview between L Tod Wood and Russel Ramsland from Allied Security Operations. Ramsland investigated the 2018 election in Dallas and he comments on the current election results.

Here is outline of the interview:

5:00 Summary of findings
2002 act paid to converted all US voting systems to electronic systems with no standards.
Air gap is a myth. Everything is connected to the internet. The “official”

No security standards. Most state secretaries of state are clueless. So bad that changing votes is possible with no permanent log.

Polling station equipment can be hacked.

Central tabulation software is vulnerable to election fraud.

Comparison of error messages from a contested election to an uncontested election is consistent with large amounts of fraud.

Operators on the county level can change votes according to operating manual.

Barcelona-based company stores voting information overseas.

16:00 Administrator names and password are posted on the internet with no security.

Source code posted online.

System allows hackers to easily deleted evidence of votes being changed by an experienced hacker.

18:00 Everything is connected to the internet.
In Dallas one key works for all equipment.
20:00 Private companies handle all the voting information.
Clarity is owned by a Barcelona company of unknown ownership with information stored in Europe for 28 states.
Flaws in the system allows people to change the official databases remotely.

23:30 NVP VAN Voter Analytics is Democrat contractor who has access to the voting to allow estimates of how may votes need to be changed to win an election.
26:00 NVP VAN had access could have affected the vote count in Dallas.

28:30 QSnatch malware allows collection of passwords and can remain after a patch. Factory reset required.
31:30 Republican governor lost by 5000 votes.
33:00 Clarity stores the election results not the states.
33:30 Live feed on CNN shows 600 votes shifting from the Republican to Democrat.
35:00 Frame by frame of the change of votes
44:00 Tampering with voter rolls
52:00 Recommendations
54:00 No interest from FBI
57:00 The federal government has to act to secure elections

The information in the video is extremely disturbing. It looks like a manual recount of paper ballots may required in close elections along with a careful evaluation of the vote count.

Wow, all these facts. Trumps legal team need to go home and leave it to anonomous posters on the internet.


If they managed to pull something like that off, they’re leagues above those liberal russian boogeymen that cheatered Hillary out of a win. lol

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If you write to in January perhaps President Biden will look into it.

your “impartial” cyber-overlords would never select which speech is permitted

it is utopia. obey

…and I respect that opinion. Thanks.

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Yes, I had a similar reaction when I heard about claims of election hacking. I assumed that the security would extremely high and would require a massive effort to hack since the election result are potentially worth hundred of billions of dollars any number of groups, foreign or domestic.

Instead of a high-security vault, election results are dumped into a shed with the door propped open.

For background, here are links for the references cited at 12:00 in the video:

Here is quote from the executive summary for the latest reference:

Multiple vulnerabilities were identified, tested and verified across the server and clients,
ExpressVote, DS200 and DS850. Vulnerabilities on the server and clients include default
credentials or configurations on out‐of‐band (outside of the operating system) remote
management software. Furthermore, an “unquoted service path” vulnerability was exploited
to perform a username and password hash dump from the Electionware database server.
ES&S Electionware – Security Audit 5
At present, the ExpressVote, DS200, and DS850 do not employ full disk encryption on the
primary storage device (i.e. compact flash card or USB protocol‐based storage media). This
allows an attacker to peer into the file system and reverse engineer all operating system
configurations and Electionware software. An analyst was able to make a copy of the DS200
Electionware software, decompile all binaries into human‐readable code, introduce a Proof‐of‐
Exploitation code, recompile the source and introduce the modified version of the software
back into the system. This code was, in fact, run without evidence of any tampering and cleared
all cast votes once the “Close Poll” button was pushed.

Translation: The system is extremely vulnerable to hacking from the internet.

Similar problems have been found on all the systems in common use in the US. The problems have existed for years and have never been fixed.

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I wouldn’t doubt any of that. The surveillance/tech industry were the ones running interference this time. They spent a ton of money and effort fogging up the internet this year.

This seems like a lot of malarkey to go through to adjust to the fact of your favorite candidate getting fewer votes than the other one.


Maybe more people just voted for Biden?

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Unless a system has no connection to the internet then its possible to hack. But there is NO EVIDENCE.

Just like its possible Trump paid Russian Hookers to piss one each other but there is no evidence.

It is obvious you have already decided that voter fraud on a massive and coordinated scale, in fact several posters on this forum had decided prior to the election that if Trump lost then it must be down to voter fraud.

In multiple threads you have posted a lot of links and the vast majority of them take you to obscure websites or videos of questionable individuals all reinforcing your own opinion.

If you had a truly open mind you would be posting links to sites that go into great detail to refute the fraud claims.

I have said consistently that if Trump has evidence then he has to be allowed to present it to a court for their consideration.

biden can read? at his age?

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Hacking was very possible and very likely in 2016. However, in 2020 it is just fantasy.


Hacking is possible in this election, but that is not what Trump is alleging.

Yo Semites.
Just sayin’.


Hey Bill. Would you have posted this if Trump had won?

Why the hell are you bringing math into this conversation? Some people have no shame.


Providing he can find the on switch on his computer

The Russians did it.

Russian hacked this years election?