Is it possible Sessions is just waiting for the right time?

Sessions can unrecuse himself. Joe DiGenova and Greg Jarrett said that on Hannity last night

Frame 13:38

Trump could fire him anytime, but he hasn’t.

As the “investigation” plods on, it seems to be benefiting Trump. Each new leak seems to reveal its an establishment attempt at getting rid of Trump, not a real investigation.

Trump could also declassify everything concerning this, which would reveal the entire scheme.

Trump hasn’t done that either.

So I wonder if he is waiting for the best time, before the mid term elections. To destroy the credibility of the media and its sycophants.

Cause a red tide sweeping both houses big into the Republican camp.

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That’s not possible.



The fever dreams of desperation. Such a fascinating thing to behold.

Hey guys, maybe, just maybe we will be saved at the last minute by a complete Hail Mary that is so improbable not even SMOTI or Alex Jones is toying with such insanity. It could totally work. Who has their tinfoil at the ready? Guys? Guys? Where did everybody go??

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I suppose it is at least as plausible as a Ford Fiesta winning a Nascar race this year.

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Uh - oh. How long before he is labeled a member of the “deep state” swamp that needs to be drained? :smile:

Maybe trump and you need to stop relying on and sucking on TV lawyers and entertainment pundits for your so-called information.

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Nobody’s firing Mueller. If he gets fired, the slide towards impeachment happens, and I’ll be the first to endorse it.

Sessions is not going to unrecuse himself and Trump is not going to fire him.
Trump may pressure DOJ to release documents to Congress but he will not order secret documents from an ongoing investigation to be released to the public (much as I would like to see them).
If Mueller finds nothing, he may try to fall back on the bogus claim of obstruction of justice. There is no need at this point for Trump to add fuel to that lame fire.

Trump will continue to tweet about how unfair Mueller is, in case Mueller does report some charge against Trump. Other than that, he needs to sit back and ignore the whole thing until a report is released.

The disinformation campaign is heating up. And from what I see, the Trump base is buying into it hook, line and sinker. I am still hopeful that if crimes have been committed, Mueller will provide solid, hard evidence.

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A person who is innocent of any wrongdoing would do just that. Trump continues to outwardly act like someone who is guilty. Film at eleven.

When I was an auditor, I found that the reactions of people I was interviewing had nothing to do with whether they were lying or not. People react different ways.

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If he did order the documents released, what’s the downside? If Mueller had anything, it would have leaked long ago and he wouldn’t desperately try to flip Cohen etc. He would have acted by now, so he’s got bumpkiss.

The reaction of the FBI and Justice to releasing any of those documents indicates they are very damming to the Government, exonerating Trump.

Usually an “October” surprise appears to sway elections, but in this case some time is required to research the 1 mil + documents, so perhaps late September?

Very sad thread.

If Trump were a politician, I’d agree. Obama telegraphed everything he was about to do, as a trial balloon. Can’t lead successfully from behind if you get in front of the crowd.

Trump (case you didn’t notice) keeps shocking everyone by new moves they didn’t see coming.

He’s keeping those docs secret for now, and Sessions. Those are facts.

So we will see how sad this thread is.

Bogus obstruction of justice? Don’t prejudge. It only exposes your bias

If there was obstruction, Trump would already be charged. Investigations still going on over a year, failed to find anything and are fishing.

The total lack of evidence of either collusion or obstruction is what is being indicated by the Mueller team now, or they would have 1)leaked the charges; 2)reported findings.

They got bumpkiss.

Can’t really fault the left for thinking Trump guilty of something, the establishment media 24/7 has accomplished the BIG LIE phenomenon expertly. When the public is immersed in suspicion and innuendo (because they don’t have facts) the human brain uncritically processes the data accepting it as true, regardless how devoid of proof it is. The brain is designed to soak in sensory data uncritically, so it doesn’t freeze up in daily life.

Only a critical evaluation of facts can dispel uncritically formed stereotypes and beliefs. That takes work and few will do it.

I agree. And the facts will be forthcoming when the results of the investigation are released. Until then, you and the CEC will keep up with the “they got bumpkiss” routine. And if it turns out that they do have the goods, all of you are going to look pretty stupid. If they find nothing I will say good and we all move on. Film at eleven.

That’s like Nate Silverman’s “Trump has 2% chance to win the election.”

A critical thinker would wonder question the entire process, because everyday “breaking revelations” that were supposed to finish Trump off, keep failing to stand the light of day. Its reported “Trump is finished now!” only to see in a few hours, they had it all wrong. After more than a year of that nonsense you would think people on the left would begin to question the entire charade.

But that’s not the way human’s process information. Constant negative innuendo is absorbed, not thought upon. So its effect is to convince, without any need for facts. Just the constant negative tone is enough over time, to convince. Cause stereo types to form.

Only critical evaluation of reality can change stereotypes, and few do that. It takes work.