Is it ok to politicize a shooting?

I’m confused. On one hand, I hear our host, and many others, decrying the immediate politicization of shootings. They decry that we shouldn’t be talking politics while the bodies are still warm.

Yet did not our “thank” Obama’s and Waters for the latest killing?

Can someone explain this apparent contradiction? I must be missing something.

Whatever side of the issue you happen to be on, it’s OK for your side to politicize a shooting, but not the opposing side. Strange days indeed. But mama told me there’d be days like these. (John Lennon).


I read a blurb on Hannity’s response to this charge and he said he did not connect the events. Ok. I guess that is possible.

But the broader question, is it ok to talk politics after these events?

It’s never okay to politicize the suffering, pain and death of others. Unfortunately this is what we have become as a country.

Is it ok to talk about why the pain and death of others is happening? Or should we just say that it’s impossible to know God’s will, and that the best we can offer is our thoughts and prayers?

I think it is important for their to be open and frank discussions about why incidents like this keep happening. Thoughts and prayers do jack squat to prevent the next one from occurring. Unfortunately, the only time our friends on the right want to talk about mass violence is when they can use it to attack “the other”.

I’ll talk to you about it all you want, right up until the time the talk turns to violating my rights.

I think the “cries” are ridiculous. Every time it happens it is immediately a political situation.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to believe that blurb. Here’s audio of the entire show.

Relevant part, that wasn’t included in the blurb, @11:45

Everything is political.

Depending on the context sometimes it is ok to “politicize” shootings. We have politics and government to in theory help us solve problems. And if shootings become a common bane on society, it’s important that our society attempts to fix it. So depending on what you mean by “politicize”…of course, spouting BS and twisting the facts to damage views of your opponent is wrong and stupid, but we shouldn’t ignore mass shootings in our politics, just like we shouldn’t ignore terrorism

Or I could have said that

Said what I had said or said what Borgia said?

Anything other than complete access by anyone to any form of weaponry is seen as a rights violation by some.

What you said. You’re right.

I go by the Constitution.

Politicizing or not, we know now it wasn’t Trump’s fault, it wasn’t Maxines fault, it wasn’t Milo’s fault…it was all Biden’s fault telling everyone they just need a shotgun.

To me, there are three types of these types of shootings.
First there is the shooting where a new law might prevent a similar action in the future. The relevance should be discussed.
Second there is the shooting where enforcement of existing laws might have prevented it or similar actions in the future. The lack of enforcement needs to have attention.
Then there is the shooting where every part of it is legal and no new or existing laws would have stopped it.

It would seem that lately the politicization of these incidents happens immediately without knowing the facts of the case. Is it fair? No. Will it continue to happen? Yes.