Is it a race war if white people are fighting white people over black issues?

That is the question that Hotep Jesus asked:

The tragic shooting in Kenosha appears to fit in that. Here is what we know about the combatants:

The only one in the group without a previous criminal record is Rittenhouse who appears to have been there to defend people and property from possible rioters and wanted to be a cop.

Will Grosskreutz or other Antifa/BLM people be charged for violence leading up to the shooting?

Or do they have immunity because they support an agenda endorsed by Democrats who run the city and the state?


Life can be hard. First…you have to get your ■■■■ together. Then…you have to keep it together in spite of all of the responsibilities you take on and all the dynamic forces working against you. Then…if you still have more resources to share, you can take on the problems of others that cross your path and help them. This is life. There is satisfaction and fulfillment in helping others and doing so quietly. It’s done for them, not for your bragging rights. That said, many go through this life, unfulfilled. They didn’t take care of step one. They do not have their ■■■■ together and so they do things that are purposefully displayed in front of others to make them appear virtuous. It is my conclusion that many of those out “protesting”, are doing so in their attempt to find and feel virtuous and to display that fake virtue in front of others.


Yes, Antifa/BLM seems to attract people with a violent history who have a “John-Brown complex”.

The tragic shooting is hardly unexpected. What is amazing is the restraint that shop owners have shown as mobs have been looting and burning their businesses over the last three months in Democrat-run cities. Even when rioters have been arrested, judges have returned them to the streets and Democrat prosecutors have frequently dropped charges.

As the riots progress into residential areas and police are told to stand down and/or are grossly undermanned, it is likely that armed home owners will end things. It will not be pretty.

The only way to avoid that outcome will be to bring in the national guard as Trump has been offering and Democrats have been fighting.


I’ve wondered why those that live there haven’t stood up for their city and businesses that are being torn apart? It’s like when the sun goes down, they all disappear. IMO that’s not the mode of operandi in other places around the country where I believe citizens would arm themselves and protect their interests.

I suspected these would be some bad actors with radical connections.

The reality is much worse.

Good post.


My understanding is that shooting someone looting a business is against the law, and that is one law that Democrat prosecutors are actively enforcing. In most states, threatening or use of lethal force is only acceptable in cases of self-defense, which includes defending from an intruder who is actually inside a home. An angry mob who has broken down fences to get in your front yard is protected.

From the article:

"Patricia McCloskey accused Democrats and Democratic nominee Joe Biden of wanting to “abolish the suburbs” by ending single-family home zoning, which she said would “bring crime, lawlessness and low-quality apartments into now-thriving suburban neighborhoods.”

All the suburbs in NJ are being forced to change the zoning requirements in their towns to high density residential even if it’s open space and environmental land. By doing this they will be able to turn every town blue.

How exactly will a Biden administration abolish suburbs?

…through zoning law changes.

More leftist criminals/sex offenders getting themselves shot and/or killed.


Where in that legislation is local control of zoning usurped by Federal authority?

I’ve not researched any of this so I can’t answer that question. All I was doing was providing you the source of the post you responded to.

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Okay before I go any further, quick question: do you know what a hotep is?

The Egyptian meaning or the modern cool kid meaning?

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Hoteps, the current black subculture. They make the Five Percenters and the Nation of Islam look reasonable.

Ah, the one where it’s the exact opposite of “at peace”.

They’re just smug jerks. They are a perfect example of the kind of socially conservative/libertarian black folks who would probably be part of the Republican Party if the GOP’s entire election strategy wasn’t scaring white people with black people and calling black people stupid slaves too stupid to know they’re slaves.

Radicals who use historically peaceful slogans and symbols usually are.

Crazy as all this sounds…I am going to refrain from commenting on these Kenosha/protest threads from now on. Nothing is as it appears when these incidents happen. I cannot appropriately comment when all the media sources and all the social media sources clearly have their own messages regarding these incidents.

I am tired of trying to makes heads or tails of this in real time. My take away. You don’t bring an AR type gun to a protest, in the guise of protecting private property. two as a protester, you don’t bring a hand gun, you don’t use your means of transportation whether it be a car, truck or skateboard to hurt people. And finally you don’t throw rocks or bricks, and you don’t fill up your kid brothers supersoaker with chemicals and spray them on other people.

At a Protest, you should be giving speeches, talking about why something is wrong, try to have dialogue about these issues with the other side if they are there.

Protests are not a hall pass to commit mayhem, violence, and kill people. When did we become a third world piece of â– â– â– â–  country where we get so angry over politics it becomes a reason to kill someone.