Is... Is Melania Ok?

So, 20 days ago our first lady (and by far the most likeable person in the White House) went in for an unannounced surgery, which supposedly was both minor, and went fine. Very well, best of luck to her!

She hasn’t been seen since. It’s been 20 days since she’s been seen in public, and now there’s starting to be questions.

But the official FLOTUS account tweeted something today:

I wasn’t suspicious until I read that tweet. That doesn’t sound like her in the slightest. That sounds like… Donald Trump.

I’m legit concerned now. Where is Melania?

I think we should all be worried about her well-being…


Oh, she died.

She’s hopefully just lazing around like she is certainly entitled to do after surgery, and Trump just used her account to post because the questions were annoying him.

Best conspiracy I’ve read today.

Shhhhh…she’s hiding from her husband. If this gets on Fox and Friends he might go looking for her.

She didn’t get elected, GET OVER I-- never mind… lol

Liberal faux concern. /eyeroll