Is impeachment on hold?

Is impeachment on hold? In my opinion, if the dems want to impeach the President, they are running out of time. In a few months the next election cycle will kick into high gear. Waiting until then to start impeachment will appear like shenanigans are taking place. People will recognize it as a political stunt and not take it seriously. If they are going to do impeach, they need to light a fire under it. Timing is everything. And time is running short. To delay means to surrender.

(And to those who constantly claim that I only use conservative media. WRONG.) :smirk:

I think it has been clear for awhile now that Democrats are waiting until Mueller’s report comes out before making any decision as to impeach or not.

Personally? Trump is already neck deep in like 5 different things that warrant his removal from office without even going into the fact of his incompetence and that he is unfit to lead. He should be impeached, but there is zero chance of it occurring because the Republicans fear of their brainwashed base is stronger than their love for their country.


I really dislike stories like this that pull up ideas that aren’t in the forefront and put them there. There are very very few on the left, outside of maybe Tom Steyer, who are stumping for impeachment now. Has it been mentioned generally? Yes. Could some of what’s been revealed eventually become part of an impeachment filing? Yes. But, again, outside of Steyer, there’s little active movement to impeach Trump. There are several books and a lot of information out there, yes, but any idea that liberals are rising to impeach Trump at this time is overblown. Could that change? Certainly, especially in light of what is coming out in Washington. But don’t look for that right away.

He needs to be worried about the SDNY more than anything


Impeachment is not the preferred path and is not on “hold”, no one serious is pushing for that, withstanding the results of investigations (and criminal indictments).

Voting his ass out of office, and a complete rejection of the last 4 years, is the preferred path.


Yeah, he does.

That’s what I’m certainly hoping for. That would be the best way to end this madness.

Yes Dems have put on hold an idea primarily bandied about by republicans for the last 2 years.


How can it be put on hold if it was never given the go ahead?

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If the dems are smart, they’ll concentrate on winning the White House in 2020 and let the SDNY take care of Dumpster Donnie from there.


This. It will likely take less time than the legal wrangling the impachment process would, and gives Donald’s most ardent defenders less reason to howl “TREASON! SEDITION! DEEP STATE!”

Yep, 21 months from now is not a long time. Win 2020 and let SDNY indict this entire family of criminals .


Well then Mueller needs to hustle. Even most democrats are starting to realize that the Russia thing was a hoax. Cohen was the last hope they had. Again. If Mueller waits until the middle of a campaign, and the dems start impeachment then. It will be seen as completely political by millions. Better get moving Bob. Time is not on your side.

This “last hope” line is getting old. This is not the first time we’ve heard “X was their last hope.”

You mean like Republicans timing the release of the 8th Benghazi investigation to try to do the most damage to Hillary right in the middle of the 2016 presidential election?

Thank you for your “concern.”

I would say they are in the minority. AOC, Shifty Schiff, Mad Maxine and the entire back caucus are still pushing impeachment. Personally, I don’t think it’s going to happen before the clock expires. There will be an election. And dems will be telling you to vote for them because of:

Social justice
Wealth redistribution
Medicare for all (except for the ruling class)
Tax increases
Massive government growth
Energy penalties in the name of global warming.
Some may even be stupid enough to dig up Russian collusion again.

A pretty weak agenda. One that will focus on how miserable America is. It’s going to be a tough sell. As I said. Good luck.

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So the title of the article is “Dems look to steer clear of impeachment talk after Cohen testimony”, but here you are asking is impeachment on hold…How can something be “oh hold” when it’s clear it’s something the Dems have wanted to “steer clear” of from the beginning? The only people that have called for impeachment are a few on the radical left who don’t represent the Dem party as a whole. (sigh) Hopefully this thread will die a quick and immediate death.

Great news for you!!! You have the freedom to totally ignore this thread. So for you, it can “die a quick and immediate death” right now. Your choice. It’s all in your hands. Great to have powa. Yes?

Introduced in the house in 2017 – articles of impeachment against trump

2019 another set of articles of impeachment

I think there was also a third one filed in 2016 but can’t find that one to post it for certain.

So there are some dems taking impeachment serious enough to actually introduce the articles in the house.