Is Harris The One?

Well, his notes could be why she is the one, or the excuses why she is not.
I tend to think that she might be the one.
And it will make for a killer VP debate.

Duckworth and Harris are my preferences, but it looks like Susan Rice is gaining lots of steam. She’s a middle of the road liberal and very good at foreign policy.
We shall see next week.

One thing that no one seems to be talking about is the fact that whoever Biden picks could be the first woman POTUS. And therefore there is a likeability factor. I agree that Tammy is very likeable and her being a disabled vet gives her a lot of insight. I was thinking that Harris might be more well suited as a candidate for the SC. Her downfall on that is that she was only a state AG and has not served on a high level bench. Val Demings seems reasonable as she has the law and legal background.

Duckworth- Safest choice, but no experience debating. Not a lot of chsrisma.

Harris- Ovbious choice, will completely destroy Pence in a debate.

Rice- Smart, articulate and will also destroy Pence in a debate. Expect trumpist to go Benghazi 24/7.

Val Demmings- smart, tough. Florida electoral college asset. A bit of a checkered past in law enforcement.

She might destroy Pence, didn’t watch him debate but she got pwned by Gabbard in the Democratic primaries having to drop out soon after.

Harris got bet off the board with the bookies after the fake announcement.

Next week we will know for certain.


Could be her.

Would be surprising to pick a primary D female who performed far worse than Warren.


yeah but she has that biting witch vibe which have all the lefties excited. because you know, against the reserved, gentlemanly Pence will be some nice red meat for don lemon

It is bizarre. Minority voters did not embrace Harris in the primary.

She would be a good attack rhetorician against Trump…but people don’t seem to like her.

I would be unimpressed if she is the one. Pictures of her and Biden together would be priceless.

Cuomo would have put him in with a certainty. Biden could have immediately made Cuomo the virus czar and paved the way for Cuomo to be President.

I would not be too unhappy if that were the case.


And this recent poll will belie that statement

Favorable 42 unfavorable 40 for Harris.

Good 82% of the public knows who she is.

Bad only a plus 2.


By this metric Obama should have chosen Clinton. :man_shrugging:

very possibly

but being effective takes the far back seat on the bus to having “diversity”

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They embraced BIDEN. He can’t pick himself.

D ticket: old white guy 77 younger black gal 56

R ticket: old white guy 74 younger white guy 61

Diversity and youth and favorables.


There is a difference between seeking diversity and forcing diversity.


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I think it supports my contention.

The voting results from the primary are a much better metric anyway.


I am not complaining.

Kamala away…


You’ll have to be more specific. The Democrat party won’t accept “MOR liberals” they’ve been hijacked by radical leftists. And other than being a UN ambassador what “great foreign policy” has Rice accomplished? When considered as Sec State following the Clinton Benghazi debacle, Rice withdrew. Too much pressure?
Nope, Biden needs a forked tongued bureaucrat like Harris. Token Black woman that will feed enough horse ■■■■ to ‘Ol Joe to keep him honest with the lefty looneys in the base and the Republicans on their heels with all the accusations, anti-conservative rhetoric and California style hopes, lies and BS.

Harris dropped out before the primaries started.

Hence 0 votes.


Primary funding then…even better metric. $$$ talks.

I really forgot she did not run in any primary.

Here is what they were saying at the time…Dec 2019.

Kamala Harris suspended her presidential run Tuesday, marking a lackluster end to an initially soaring presidential bid premised on the California senator’s personal biography and prosecutorial acumen. Ultimately, her run foundered with a muddled purpose, campaign infighting and an inability to sustain support from vital Democratic voting blocs, particularly African Americans.