Is Hannity right about a rush to pin resposibility for bombs on Trump?

Rushing to judgment seems to be a favorite exercise among many these days. How about we let law enforcement do their job and investigate to find out how this happened?

I know - I know… what a radical idea…

I’ve seen a lot blaming (((Soros))).

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Really? Because the crazed lunatic Hodgkinson mentioned he watched Rachel Maddow. I agree, both sides have opinion pieces.You and I both agree opinion pieces arent news, but the majority of americans cant see the difference.

I agree, it’s stupid. The person(s) sending these bombs is an idiot, and with so many being sent, the chances to catch the fool is going up and up.

The bombs seem to be poorly designed, poorly packaged, and poorly addressed, with wrong addresses and misspelled names.

The above photo of a pipe bomb, and yet it was mailed in a flimsy bubble wrap lined envelope? Made with the cliche red and black wires, and a timer. This is surreal. It’s like someone is playing out their own satire for mail bombs.

No wonder people look at this as some type of a protracted fraud.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Donald to lead the nation.

Its a fantastic time for the left and the right to come together and unite! This isnt just about Donald.

Isn’t that the one that made it too CNN. Where’s the postal mark? The stamps look clean, perhaps I just can’t see it…

Someone called this the most ham handed false flag in history. LOL!

I would suggest he publicly condemn these mailings of bombs, then shut up and let law enforcement do their jobs.

But, this is Trump, and he loves to run his mouth, as does the hate-Trump media. The TDS inflicted media will continue to try and make the connection between Trump and the person(s) mailing these bombs, and Trump will get in twitter fights with them.

Internet sleuths unite

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You’re right, of course. Donald has shown he will not take the lead in this, but rather continue to throw gasoline on a raging dumpster fire. The nation should ignore his example, and try to find a better path without him. Sadly, I suspect that until he finishes his term and leaves office we will remain fractured.

This has been so cliche, that it comes off looking like a very bad script written by some has been from the Hollywood screen actors guild.

CNN noticed the post mark, someone screwed up…

And the funny part is i still blame Karl Rove and Roger Ailes for all the ills we are experiencing today. These are the end result.

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Agreed, but you left out the TDS infected supporters of Donald who will continue to try and suggest that these bombs were mailed by subversives trying to distract from the invading southern horde and/or otherwise make Donald look bad. I don’t even have to turn on talk radio today to know this narrative will dominate the pundits’ agenda.

Well, that, and excusing Donald’s poor behavior by deflection. “But the lib mob we hate and want nothing to do with and are SO different from us because bold contrasting colors argle bargle do it too! How come we’re the only ones being criticized by the lib mob media!!!” :confounded:


If your stuck in an elevator with Pence, Sessions or Trump, who do you choose to exit with? Does any of them have to be alive?

Senator Kamala Harris.

Forget exiting an elevator - I’d cross the street if I saw any of them on approach.

First of all you left your Wiki open.

Second of all…have all Trump-supporting posters seriously lost all ability to reason outside of what they are fed from talk media?

Rush to judgement is what political discourse is in the era of talk media political discourse.

I honestly can’t believe you made your OP with a straight face.

The person may have screwed up, because the packages look to have printed labels. Didn’t the FBI catch a leaker of classified material, a while back, because they were able to magnify the printed pages and identify the printer being used?

Hopefully the stupidity of this bomber continues, and we can track them down, by the computer printer they are using.

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Deflection noted! Your party stirs up crap just as much as the right! At least isnt wishing people dead on national television like Harris.