Is Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court?

Liberal meltdowns happens if the situation interrupts their notions and narratives.

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This thread devolved quickly, but predictably.

Because she’s involved in cases that go before him.

His interpretation of it,

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I reread the opinion piece several times and passed gas.

After all this is the New Yorker. Libs take advantage of the New Yorker Winter Sale. It comes with a free tote bag.

The perks are:

  1. Listen to narrated stories and podcast
  2. Play the Crossword puzzles
  3. Solve the daily Name Drop quiz
  4. Enjoy cartoons
  5. Get narrative and talking point updates
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What is your interpretation?

Do they now?

We are getting it back on course.

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Devolved? Ummmm… it’s about conflict of interest based on spouse activity.

I think what happened … it did not devolve… it is still about conflict of interest based on spouse activity. But it’s now including cases you© want to hide :rofl:


We can skip down the progressive road to the tidal wave of tears that accompany every story that conflicts with their narrative. The drama, the torment, the misery.

They have hated Justice Thomas from day one.

Which I happen to believe to be the correct interpretation…your original question seemed to suggest I should apologize for that.


I very much believe he has been one if the best judges if his era.

If you disagree your entitled to your opinion.

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You are correct smartest guy in the room leftism is pretty predictable.

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Don’t say you are sorry. Justice Thomas is a good Justice.

Like I said…what that man went through in his confirmation until today he’s been a bit of a target…

Which is sad because what a great example to hold up for all of us, but in particular for young people if color.

That was the sarcastic definition of “sorry”. I’m really not!

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Not at all…

I beg to differ.

You mean…libs are racist?

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Sadly that tends to depend on the ideas and attitudes of the individuals being discussed.

They don’t care about Thomas’s wife’s politics, they just want him to recuse himself from as many cases as possible because of their political biases.
That article is full of stuff like she belonged to an organization that had another member who had a case before the court.
How about anyone who has a spouse who is registered as a Democrat or Republican recuse themself?
So sad to see posters jump on some lame political article and treat it as if it were a real thing.

They just can’t stand it that they have the House, Senate and Presidency but can’t take over the courts. How are they going to survive in a year if current polls hold steady?