Is Earth experience record heat? Absolutely not

Only when you manipulate the data to show it is. No last year was not the hottest on record. Not even close. The entire subject of climate change has been poisoned. As is always the case when a topic has been politicized. Politics destroys honest evaluation. Of all the predictions that were made 20 years ago or longer, most if not all have failed to materialize. The accuracy rate of predictions is awful. Politics trumps truth.

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That article was one of the dumbest attempts I’ve ever seen to debunk global warming.


An opinion piece from the Western Journal is proof?

The Western Journal is a news and opinion website with story selection that always favors the right and is negative toward the left. There is frequent use of moderately loaded language in headlines such as this: The Clinton State Department’s Major Security Breach That Everyone Is Ignoring . The Western Journal typically sources their information to credible media outlets, though story selection and wording usually spin information favorably to the right.

When the earth first formed it was covered in magma with an average temperature over two thousand degrees…

Therefore global warming is fake…


At current emmisions we are between five to ten generations from the earth having the amount of carbon in the atmosphere as 65 million years ago.

But we won’t be around to pay for it.

Congrats everyone

I think it’s pretty good! The entire topic has been totally destroyed by politics. Once politics moves in, truth moves out.

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Especially congrats to the politicians who have made reasonable discussion impossible. If they begin by insulting people who have a different view, then it’s over. They never really wanted to discuss it in the first place. Politics is poison to any discussion.

What was so good about it?

"Actual weather records over the past 100 years show no correlation between rising carbon dioxide levels and local temperatures."

Can’t have reasonable discussion when one side thinks that it is all made up to install socialism?

You’re absolutely right! Back in the early days of planet Earth the surface was mostly molten lava. Those days back then were definitely warmer than today.

That’s just straight up not true and the claim is completely unsupported.

Why do you like that line?

But is our kids learning? (As George might ask)

How to care for the planet.

What about your side? What could your side do to improve things? It’s always easy to point fingers. Being pro active is hard.

The highest temperature ever reported was 136 degrees Fahrenheit in Libya in 1922. The record high temperature for the United States was 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley, California, in 1913. Fossil fuel emissions in 1913 and 1922 were negligible compared to today.

What do you conclude from this?

As a start I would support adding the real cost of the extraction and use of carbon polluting energy sources so as they not be socialized into the economy anymore but paid for in full by the end user.

Then “green” energy doesn’t seem so expensive anymore.

I lived in Bullhead City for a year. We had a solid week of 120f plus temperatures.

The highest temperature reported that week was 128f. Couldn’t break 130 though so we have proof the temps are going down.

My mind cannot fully grasp the sad fact that it has to be explained to grown ass adults that weather is not climate.


Denialsim moved in, truth moved out.

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