Is collaboration between the white house and senate wrong?

It seems strange that McConnell would openly admit to collaboration.
Schiff and Pelosi did it secretly and hid the witnesses.
But is it Ok for the Senate to hold a sham trial biased in favor of Trump?
It seems the process should be objective.
Will people apply a different standard to the house than Senate?

When did Schiff and Pelosi do “it” secretly and hide the witnesses?



Yeah… I had the same reaction while writing that.

when was it secret? where there not republican congresspeople there at every step of the way?
how does it compare to one branch being subservient to another branch?

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Dear lord was eating Jezcoe :nauseated_face:


This is the oath each Senator will have to utter. Decide for yourself if coordinating directly with the defendant is right or wrong.

“I solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be) that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of name, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God.”


Let’s get the Senate circus started!


Add it to the rest of the oaths the GOP will have broken.


seriously? the basement of the house where the depositions started. The hiding of the whistle blower.

are you talking about the executive not being given due process?

The evidence was already presented in the House, that this impeachment is based on. Mitchell simply doesn’t believe that that evidence warrants a finding that he was guilty of any impeachable act. It will come out of the House strict party lines.
Why pretend and go through some motion?

What due process was not given?

The whistleblower never testified, nor did he/she need to, the people who were relevant… well the one’s who showed for the subpoena did.

That is the point of being a whistleblower.

If the hearings were held on the first or second floor… would anything different had happened?

Would the Republicans who were in attendance to the “basement” sessions not have been invited to participate?

So to recap.

There was nothing secret and there was nothing hidden.

Good try though.


If you can’t trust “Mad world news” who can you trust?


Why is such a commonality that those that fetishize the Constitution the most apparently know nothing about it or it’s application?

This “basement” thing has some kind of significance with this lot but I still haven’t figured out what it is. I think they are trying to use emotional appeals like “basement” implies something untoward but maybe they’re PizzaGaters too.



They ordered pizza.

It was a stunt

There were people involved in that stunt who sit on the committees that were allowed into the room.

Propaganda works.


nobody said he testified, why misdirect. but why is it not important to see if he collaborated with Schiff and Pelosi.

whistleblowers need firsthand knowledge that is the point he was not a whistle blower.

BTW anyone try to fire him.

Fake dossier, fake collusion, and your fake take.