Is CNN really Xi-N-N?

Should CNN be forced to register as a foreign agent for its fawning coverage of their favorite president?

Or does its obvious domination by US intelligence agencies show it is really under their control?

Article describes a communist centennial that will be used to check party loyalty, suppress dissent and then history checks party failures like tiananmen square and points out their current energy and pollution crisis. What’s the fawning?

Even the headline is a jab at xi.

Then what about spooks?

Yes, I agree. I think that CNN is under greater control from the US intel agencies, but it certainly include praise for President Xi and the Chinese Communist Party:

. . .for weeks state media has been saturated with images extolling the virtues of the party and its numerous successes. Much of the capital, meanwhile, has come under heightened security, for what is expected to be a large-scale celebration of the party’s history, replete with fireworks and a speech from China’s top leader Xi Jinping.It’s likely that large parts of the day’s events will focus on Xi, arguably the country’s most powerful leader since Mao, and his vision for the country.

They would never have said anything so favorable about the US President when Trump was in office.

Yeah, that didn’t take long to find.

There is a certain dismissal of going to far to the left in the west in general imho. We all got the memo fascism is bad less so on communism.

The OP should give credit to where he saw “Xi-N-N.”

leftists love communism.

what can ya do?


No we don’t. But thanks for asking.

Yes. Very favorable comments.

"On another, however, Trump’s high approval ratings for how he has dealt with coronavirus and how he is handling the job more broadly might well shock people who have been keeping close track of his and his administration’s performance on the pandemic.

After all, it’s quite clear that the administration simply didn’t take the threat of coronavirus seriously enough soon enough. And the testing capabilities for coronavirus in the US were decidedly slow. And Trump’s public statements have been marked by inaccurate claims (the test is “perfect”, the vaccine is coming fast, etc)"