Is China right concerning censorship?

And is that what democrats are pushing/wanting? That anyone that dares to challenge their supremacy must be silences at any and all cost…even if it direct violation of their 1st Amendment.

Jonathan Turley made interesting comment other day.

China has been particularly eager not to “waste” the opportunity of this crisis. Chinese professor Xu Zhangrun is one of many citizens arrested after publishing criticism of Xi Jinping on his handling of the crisis. The government deemed such criticism to be fake news causing panic. It has censored accounts of its concealing the source of the original outbreak, including censorship on popular Chinese apps such as WeChat.

Citizens now will have to decide, as Goldsmith and Woods insist, if “China was right.” For my part, I remain hopeless in my longing for old fashioned free speech before the pandemic. You see, this “new normal” seems a lot like the old normal which the Framers changed with the First Amendment. China may be right for many in Congress and academia, but it remains on the wrong side of history. Not even a pandemic will change that.

I find comment very disturbing when he said China may be right for many in Congress and academia…do libs agree with Jonathan Turley?

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Here is your chance to go on record.

Here is the link to the article from which you took your paragraphs .

For the benefit of those who would like to see the sentences in context and read the quotes from Pelosi et al that support Turley’s statements.

Where has all liberals gone?

Are there any left in democrat party? That party that claims they’re true representatives of liberalism.

Maybe my poll question should be are you satisfied in direction that censorship has taken us?

Here is article from Goldsmith and Woods wrote for Atlantic.

Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtue. I personally do not care much for the freedom to lie and spread misinformation.

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But yet the media does it all the time.

Yeah it does.

I don’t understand your question.

Are you asking if Liberals support government censorship? Or if we support China doing it?

I am not following

So should the media be censored?

Is Jonathan Turley correct?

It’s pretty much too late.

People believe what they want to believe. No evidence is required.

And it’s so easy to spread those beliefs nowadays…censorship will only confirm that what they believed was true all along.

I wouldn’t have censored the Bakersfield doctors…I would have showed how ■■■■■■ their statistics were.

It wouldn’t have mattered because those whose ears were tickled by the Bakersfield doctors would still believe them.

But it’s better than censoring them and giving people even more reason to be outraged.

Well seeing how the Trump campaign just sued a Wisconsin station for running a political tv add he didnt like…I guess your thread is very timely.

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I read the article you failed to post.

Government should not be censoring but private companies can do whatever they want.

Not sure if that makes me answer yes or no in your poll

Yes, sure.

So all private companies can ignore any and all goverment regulations whether it is state local or federal?

You have a right to free speech.

You don’t have a right to someone else’s private platform.

This ■■■■ ain’t hard to understand.

I see. How convenient.

So business should be able to do whatever they want…right?

I think this thread just about proves you libs out there aren’t liberal at all.

The government can impose regulations and restrictions that are within reason of the Constitution.

So as far as free speech goes, there are very little restriction.

As far as dumping arsenic into the environment, there are a lot more since dumping arsenic isn’t a Constitutional right.

How so?

You have absolute free speech.

You do not have the right to use someone else private platform to amplify that speech.

But freedom of speech is.

How many hundreds of billions of dollars have goverment paid in technology and developed of internet?