Is capitalism an actual economic system?

According to Mark Levin, it is not. And I believe that he is correct. Capitalism is the lack of an economic system. It is the default that just naturally happens when authoritarian government is not involved. No government creates capitalism. Capitalism creates itself when government steps aside. Capitalisms does not happen by design. It just happens. When government does not decide for us how we will live, we chose capitalism. Capitalism is the natural order of things.

Ridiculous over simplification.

Capitalism requires authority and oversight to work. It requires maintenance of private property rights and settle disputes in a fair manner.

There’s nothing natural about it, which is obvious because it took thousands of years for capitalism to develop.


Unfortunately, these days we have a government trying to subvert capitalism by the government getting involved and doing things like

  1. Imposing tariffs
  2. Trying to dictate to individual companies, such as the NFL, specific policies such as who they should fire.
  3. Picking winners and losers by handing out government welfare to those affected by the aforementioned tariffs.
  4. Seeking to hinder free trade on a global scale, thus inhibiting capitalism by imposing more restrictions on the free market to operate

So, in short, I support capitalism and oppose those in government seeking to hinder it.


Without government capitalism would collapse.

Nope. Capitalism just happens. Without government interference it just happens every single time. Let us use Elizabeth Warren’s tribe as an example.

Say that there is a Cherokee brave who is an excellent hunter. And there is an old woman who is an excellent moccasin maker. The hunter returns with his kill and the moccasin maker offers to make him a brand new, high quality pair if he gives her a couple of good cuts of meat. He agrees. And there you have it. Capitalism.

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Are you saying the Cherokee were capitalists?

Without government, the natural state of man is warfare and enslavement , not capitalism. I base this on thousands of years of human history.

Once a government institutes actual property rights among the people, trading can begin.

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Without government we would have anarchy. Which means that people fend for themselves and make deals as they see fit. Which is a form of capitalism.

That’s bartering. That’s what people did before government provided a framework for capitalism.

Or they just take what they want. Strongest survive.


Do you think the concept of private ownership means anything without a government, system of laws, and enforcement of said laws?

Most wars were fought by governments. Most slavery was sanctioned by government.

Without government, after the old woman makes his shoes, he kills her and keeps the meat. You know–anarchy.

Government provides no framework for capitalism. Government only provides restrictions for capitalism.

Sure it does. Personal property rights. Enforcement of contracts.

I never pegged Mark Levin as an anatchist.

Me neither.

Well what is being described is anarcho Capitalism which is just as much of a fantasy as the Marxist paradise.

Republican Media pundits do no one any favors.

I apologize for not being clear. I am not calling for the abolition of government.