Is big tech censoring events related to support of the President?

According to March for Trump organizers big tech companies are interfering with Trump rallies. Here are a few examples:

1: Facebook deleted our group on Facebook that had added more than 350,000 new members in 24 hours
2: MailChimp deleted the Women for America First email account and has refused to turn over the data
3: Eventbrite deleted our event and emailed everyone who RSVP’d that the event is cancelled.
Big Tech Sabotage: Eventbrite Deletes March for Trump and Claims Event is Cancelled - Tyrant's Curse

Is this a good thing to prevent spread of disease and violence?

If so, is there any evidence of similar actions to prevent BLM rallies and Biden-victory celebrations?

Or is censorship from tech companies a blatant attempt to deny rights of freedom speech and freedom of assembly?

No. It’s much more likely these groups broke the terms of service.


how do you have 350k members and not have some of them break it?

I thought everyone moved to Parlor?

I wonder if the event organizers have remembered to get the permits yet? They didn’t yesterday.

The surveillance/social media industry is a powerful force. It also happens to be where commie-loving libs gather.

And is the best tool a tyrant could ever want. And why if we ever get one, we’ll never get out from under him. It’s like giving government the power to read your mind.

Cheer up, by the time Biden is through you can probably force anything the government considers misinformation to be tagged or deleted.