Is Biden dishonest or just stupid

In The Senate? Currently 67 votes, or 51 if they completely can the filibuster.

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I better get my AR-15 now.

I never wanted one before, but I do now.


Okay. I still predict that it won’t happen between now and the 2022 mid terms.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that pretty much everything Biden is proposing has pretty high public support.

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Are you being serious?

Yes, actually.

Huh. I haven’t been around for a while, but my recollection is that you were pretty level headed.

Didn’t your avi used to be like a blue cartoon bi-plane?

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First, ammunition will become crazy expensive.
Second, legally purchased firearms owners will get a bull ■■■■ tax assessment.
Ranges will get regulated out of existence
Then eventually the knock on the door.

Good Lord man. Not everyone who can own one should. This is a big boy firearm. I’ve seen liberals cry when they squeeze one off. Be careful It’s scary as hell.

Yes. They will tax it into oblivion. Costing thousands of jobs in the recreational shooting world.

I neither own nor want one.

Is there something not “level headed” about buying an AR?

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Insofar as he is buying it because he thinks it’s going to be banned soon, yes.

I will again cite the Obama years, and all the dire gun control predictions that never came true.

Punishing Americans for wanting to be first in their own country.

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Never been in favor of banning guns.

That’s just dumb.

So if they’re even thinking of banning an AR, I gotta get one.



Libs are buying em up because they think they need em to use or defend against us conservatives.

We buy em for self defense for our families or some buy em to defend against goverment.

Other buy em just because they can.

But for libs…they’re mostly buying em to be used against their political enemies it seems.

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I misunderstood your meaning. I apologize. I get your point.

If you can’t slay your enemies and hear the lamentations of their women and children, what fun is there in life?



And law enforcement officers into targets. A win-win for the progressive left.

Hence, the need for “commonsense gun law reforms”.