Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?


Interesting. Yes. I’d post a picture but that’s above my pay grade here.


Oh okay, my mistake.


Well thanks for at least taking the time to straighten that out for me


Of course. It was kind of like Die Hard 2, but completely different.


Oh, I’d forgotten about that.


He’s effective. He crushed Cruz so badly he wound up backing out of their third debate, which was a town hall format. O’Rourke showed up anyways and took questions from the audience.


I forgot about that. That’s hilarious. I’m surprised Cruz didn’t send his wife.


And Trump, if I recall correctly.


I agree that Beto needs to refine his Twitter game and grope a hell of a lot more flags before he can appeal to discerning Trump supporters, who prefer deep thinkers and stoic gravitas in their elected officials.


And yet Robert could not carry his own state with double the dollars that included a lot of outside help.


Personally I would rather see Booker or Klobachar get the not, but I voted for Beto over Cruz and I’d vote for him over Trump.


So far, I like Klobuchar and Harris as well as Beto. But it’s early yet.


He’s not running for VP.


No, my question was O’Rourke.




No, becasue he’s white. lol!


This only help Trump there are to many candidates in the Democrat primary.


and he says he’s a capitalist… So, he’s evil and greedy to many on the left.


Yes a clown car full of people to afraid to get a question from Fox news…LMAO!


Like getting their chests signed?
You have nothing to whine about