Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?


Yes. I voted for Obama in 2008.


Stacey Abrams is considering a 2020 run. If she runs it will be funny to watch the fat comments magically go away. Once a female POTUS is in the WH, the physician yearly report will no longer cite weight.


I hope he does too. He’s gonna be seen as the centrist establishment candidate. That will add some needed differentiation when we get to the debates.


I wouldn’t comment on Trump’s, either, if he didn’t make rude comments about everyone. And can you explain why he’s suddenly taller, other than to look less obese on his health checkup?


I absolutely agree that we need someone charismatic- Biden and Beto fit that bill. Sanders does not- and now that the candidates are agreeing with many of his positions he is no longer needed as someone who is pulling the party to the Left. He has done his job.


I had my favorites in the game, but since watching numerous videos and the CNN Town Hall last Sunday evening, I’m interested in Mayor Paul Buttigieg.

Oh, and I think it’s silly that a candidate must have 65,000 donors in order to secure a place on the debate stage.


I liked him a lot too. His stock is rising. He ain’t gonna win the election but I hope he gets a plum position in the White House as a high up advisor.


Yes you would. Trump is not your excuse.


If/when Biden gets in- he’s gonna have a hell of a time. All of the others have tacked to the Left. Unless he has gone there too he will be seen as a mushy Clinton Centrist and will have a hell of a time winning the primary.


You know all about me. Right.


Sounds like your bar is just laying on the ground.


No, it’s just when someone says they do something because someone else does, well that tells me a lot.


Do some research on Mayor Paul Buttigiet (South Bend, IN). He’s young, charismatic, intelligent (Harvard graduate & Rhodes Scholar).


Find any other comment I’ve made about anyone else’s physical condition. I’ll wait.


Uh, have you seen Napoleon Dynamite? Like with your eyes?


Don’t worry about that. Fox will decide. Just wait for the marching orders.


Zodiac killer


No, am I wrong?


Sorry, I don’t intend to watch Fox.


Ted Cruz isn’t that popular.