Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?


Yes, I am really jealous of Robert. The moment I saw him on that skateboard is when it hit me. Make America Skate Again.

Robert is a cuckhold modern male that the gals adore.


He can always start a rumor that Beto was born in Kenya.


He needs to change his name to Rodriquez. I bet he carries hot sauce in his purse.


Good, because he will need women voters. I have to say, you seem pretty bothered by him.


Maybe Hillary can suggest some new rumor ideas.

Trump’s probably already got Robert’s arm flailing routine down.


I guess we could say the same thing about all the Trump posts lol


Trump makes very odd hand gestures in case you haven’t noticed.


Haven’t you?


I hope not. He strikes me as a good guy who has had an extremely hard life. He deserves better.


“Lighten up Francis”.


Adults don’t use that word.


Biden? Yes. I think he’d actually make a great president. I think his time has passed, unfortunately, but if he wins the nomination I’d support him fully.


Yes. He deserves better.


? A jab at Beto’s middle name?


I can’t disagree with that. It’s an ulgy hard race and I’d like to see him at peace.


Beta possibly angling for Biden’s VP slot


He should just go by “Bobby O’Rourke”. Very 1960s


Who’s Beta?


the fake Mexican Irishman


So what was your nickname for “Ted” Cruz?