Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?


By all accounts, he presents himself exactly as he is, just as Obama did. Unlike the current WH occupant, who employed Michael Cohen for a decade to make sure people didn’t find out who he really is.


Well on Fox they won’t be getting the questions in advance like Hillary did from CNN. So it makes since to skip Fox.


That’s a good point that Sanders isn’t really needed to carry the mantle of progressive policies. Hopefully the primary voters will realize that too.


Yeah and not that I am a huge fan of identity politics but he’s getting a lot of flak from the Far Left that he should make room for women and people of color who share his progressive views. He’s kind of botched that one and I don’t think he will recover those voters. They will likely choose Kamala Harris.


ROFL at Donald trying to crack wise about O’Rourke’s hand movements, when he himself flails his little mitts about like a T-Rex on meth. Whether it’s unconscious or deliberate, Donald can’t help but project onto others in a weak attempt to divert attention away from his silliest/worst qualities.


Same reason why Trump never goes on CNN. Afraid to take a question.


Never going to happen. Not in 2020. In fact, I do not put it passed Democrats to completely and totally blow it, and see Trump reelected. They are already trying their best, with their critiques of one another. Giving the GOP ammunition early and often. And the supposed “liberal media” is playing right along as well. Nitpicking every minute negative detail about each candidate. Hyping up the infighting in the party. Basically over-examining the tiniest details of them, which you never see the conservative media do to itself.


My guess- Trump does not get re-elected, the Dems keep the House and only pick up a couple Senate seats to remain in the minority there. We’ll see.


He has an army of supporters, the Bernie Bro’s haven’t abandoned him and with a big field he is way more likely than not to become the far left choice to run against the perceived moderate.

He wouldn’t have ran at his age if he didn’t feel he had a good chance of winning.


Too early.


That’s what we said about Hillary when the reverse happened.


I don’t. He’s a hologram. And he’s got baggage that hasn’t come out.


Does baggage matter anymore? What is the standard now?


It will when Trump is gone. I don’t think Dems want to be that hypocritical.


In the game of power, anything goes. Good for the opponent? Call it out, try to score short term political points and use it the next time.


How disappointing. I’m so hoping for a change for the better.


Fox did that for Trump though…


Are you seriously saying baggage matters anymore?

C’mon, Trump needs a semi trailer to haul his baggage around.


He couldn’t win his own state, I doubt very much has changed in 2 yrs, plus the fact how far the left has shown themselves are going to go if given the chance, look what the Democrats just tried to do, stack the deck with Agenda driven heads of FBI n CIA, who’s to say, they wont do that again, if that happens, you can kiss this country good bye, a Republican will never see the inside of the white house again, let alone the house n senate will be lost to the abuses and the fraud the Democrats have shown they are willing to do to win the presidency, I thank God he stepped in and didn’t allow that to happen. YLBD
The smartest thing the Democrats can do to try n win is for OBiden n OBeto to run as running mates, it’s their only chance if you count their cards right,imho that is


Trump didn’t win his own state, either.