Is anyone else having problem logging in?

Seems to me every time I log in I have to reset my password?

Wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.

Not here, but I’m getting a bit annoyed on the pop-up wanting me receive notifications for this website.

Deep state is after you, lib. :slight_smile:

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It keeps sayig it doesn’t recognize my IP for some reason.

Is that my providers end?

Hello is there anybody in there!!!

Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home?

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I don’t claim to be a computer whiz, but it sounds like a network/WIFI issue at your end. I assume you’re posting on a secure network (and if not, you should be). But if the IP address is moving, it sounds like an unstable network or WIFI setup. If you have one of the biggies (AT&T/Comcast, etc.) I’d call them and have them check your lines.

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Thanks. I believe it is may modem.

I had pop up from Comcast couple hours ago about another modem.

Was it a modem problem? I keep having the exact same issue. Every time I log in it says I can’t on my own IP Address. And every time I have to create a new password just to log in.
It’s getting annoying.

I’m having the same problem. Initially I thought I was given some kind of time out, but I don’t recall posting anything over the line. So has there been any resolution?

I was/am having the same issue (I think). I’m getting “you can’t log in as calirepub from that IP address”.

Oddly, this only affects logging in. Once I’m logged in, I can post from the IP address.

Thanks guys. Not having any problems once I’m logged in.

Are those that having problems on Comcast?

Actually, ATT is the network giving me issues.

I see, thanks. It must be on their end then.

How were you able to fix it if you were able?

I’m having this same issue trying to log in from my iPhone. I was logged out, and went to log back in and it says, “You can’t log in as NebraskaFootball from that IP address.” I have Verizon, and this issue has never happened before when I’ve logged out and tried to log back in.

@Snow96 @GWH @Talk2Bill @Administrator

Can any one of you fine folks lend a hand by chance?

@conan Did you figure out a work-around? Like changing your password or something?

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How much trouble do I get in if I say it’s because ya’ll use Iphones and they don’t play well with others :slight_smile:

I have no idea why it’s happening. I’m the guy that sits in the corner nodding my head and smiling when people start talking technical.


Fair enough. Which of your brothers in moderating is the tech master for the site?

The other two that were tagged :smiley:

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So your moderating job entails what exactly…throwing zingers around at us lowly peasants? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(NF darts his eyes back and forth, seeking the nearest exist before Snow hurls a plate at his head)