Is another big steal imminent?

In watching what the government has been doing with our money supply, I can’t help wondering how long until they move us to a cashless society. They have methodically been moving us in that direction. Every time the government has moved forward with something this big it has resulted in outright theft by the government and more control over taxpayers. The creation of the federal reserve by Wilson ( which he later regretted), the theft and outlawing of gold currency by FDR- not outright theft, merely a confiscation at 20.00 an ounce and immediate revaluation at 33.00, thus screwing the public, the moving from the gold standard by Nixon, which turned our currency into worthless pieces of paper backed by nothing and now the set up for going cashless.

The government has been using Covid as an excuse, more like a cover up to remove currency and coins from circulation, deliberately put people out of the labor force, replacing them with automation, establishing a means and justification to automatically transfer money into peoples bank accounts ( which also means they can transfer money out at will), and now we actually have a crypto based currency that is being pushed by the lib Uber rich, and remember they just recently tried to get banks to report every transaction people made over 600.00. They want in our business bad! And why exactly are we seeing these tyrannical mandates and how do they tie into the coming communist revolution? There’s got to be a connection.

They are testing the waters and seeing just how far and fast they can go on this and half the population will willingly comply and surrender their freedom for the tender care of their benevolent big brother. How long do we have?

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the great reset on the way

Cash is less favored because cards are way more convenient. So much easier to swipe or tap and go. Owe a friend money, just Venmo or zelle it over.

No one likes carrying around coins, they are mostly useless. And carrying large amounts of paper money is a good way to permanently lose it in case of money. You card gets stolen, you can stop it and issue charge backs.

No conspiracy needed. Cash is just going the way of the dodo because there are better ways of payment.

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Non-fungible tokens lol.

And wait until these guys flip out when you can prevent your credit chip from being stolen by having it implanted…in, say, your hand or your forehead.


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As much as I hate NFTs and cryptocurrency in general. Blockchain technology is a actually pretty great for banking in general.

Mark of the beast!!! :smiling_imp:

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I agree blockchain could be used for currency but really right now it’s an excuse to burn fossil fuels at a prodigious rate. :sunglasses:

I personally like cash, when I want a drink out of a machine, sometimes the card reader is down. Technology is great, as long as it works. With cash I have the option, I save my change so when I have it, when I get home it goes into the jar. Have had several hundred dollars of change many times, it adds up.

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Its not the government moving us towards cashless…companies have built services around cashless transactions and people prefer them.

I personally rarely carry cash, five years ago going to a fair or market meant you needed cash not the case anymore

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I gotta say, when I lived in Virginia - and even before that, in California - I was decidedly shifting away from carrying cash, and used my card for everything. But now that I’m back in New York, I’m always carrying and paying in cash.

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Although the percentage of cash payments has dropped it still accounts for a lot of purchases under $10.
IMHO there are still quite a few folks who can not or will not get and pay with plastic. I remember a ellipsoid
of the West Wing where one of the guys in the administration wanted to get rid of the penny. And he was told that copper was one of the major exports of Montana and getting rid of the penny would wreak their economy.

It’s people reinventing everything about money but Somehow making it worse.

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No their isn’t.

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Yep. For some reason paying in cash in NYC is still a thing.

Must be all the bars

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Cash is king.

It’s being done. As of April of 23, Pennies will no longer be made, I suspect it won’t be long after that when it will be legal to melt them down at home or perhaps just sell them outright for scrap value.

Melt them down for the slightly above penny value that they have in metal?

I saw that too. But I always raise an eyebrow when anyone announces something is being done on April 1st.

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Seems it was an April fools joke by some website. I can’t find any real news for this, would have bigger news if it were true.

Get rid of the Penny and Nickel I say though.

With the government having the means to transfer money in and out of your account, you’re not the least bit concerned that they will do so?

Here’s a scenario: Now I know that absolutely no one here in Hannity land has ever or does not ever pay a bill late. We never rob Peter to pay Paul or go past the grace period that businesses allow us. We never have an unexpected expense that makes us put a bill off and we certainly never forget, BUT, what if businesses, especially the big boys decided that they no longer wish to allow people to pay their bills late-EVER. Might it occur to them to lobby the bought and paid for whores in our government to pass laws that allow them, or some newly created entity under the control of the government to electronically debit our bank accounts to spare us from being late?

How about this: WE DONT LIKE WHAT YOU POST ON HANNITY! CLICK…. No more transactions for you buster…

It boggles my mind anyone can be so nonchalant about the government having this kind of power and evidently the inclination.

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I use cash like once or twice a year. Over the last few years, more and more Americans have been moving away from cash. In 2020 19% of purchases were done in cash. Ten years ago that number was 30%.

We will never go completely cashless, but it’s no longer king.