Is a loving father The Lord's blessing to a family?

There are six things which Jehovah hateth;
Yea, seven which are an abomination [a]unto him:

Haughty eyes, a lying tongue,
And hands that shed innocent blood;

A heart that deviseth wicked purposes,
Feet that are swift in running to mischief,

A false witness that [b]uttereth lies,
And he that [c]soweth discord among brethren.

My father divorced his first wife and married my mother. They were together for 59 years before he died. I have a brother and sister from his first marriage and I love them both. There temperament is more fragile than my other brothers and sisters. I can’t help but believe it’s from an insecurity as a result of their parents splitting. When I read The Lord hates divorce, it isn’t those who have divorced but more the manifestations of the divorce. There’s also no doubt that if someone was in an abusive marriage, that The Lord wouldn’t want you to stay in that abuse.

“I can’t help but believe it’s from an insecurity as a result of their parents splitting.”

Seems many in the 20-35 age group use their parents’ divorce as an excuse to not marry, the “we don’t have to marry to have a baby.” Seems many are becoming fragile snowflakes from a variety of causes. I mean, really, if someone isn’t going to take a risk on something, it should be a result of their own screw ups and not their parents’.

But I observe people much older than this age group, and wonder if more conservative types are correct in their assertion that kids who divorce are more likely to become sexually active, and at an age before they can totally live with the consequences, than those whose parents stayed together. Various individuals in my life who grew up with divorced parents either became teen parents, or parents at a time when they really didn’t have the means to provide for a child.

And two cousins who turned out just fine had divorced parents, but, in all fairness to the conservative side, the two parents, who couldn’t stand one another by then, waited until their children were legally adults to do this.