Is a loving father The Lord's blessing to a family?

Second link is discussing how to manage Father’s Day in schools, where there are many different family structures. I agree.

Easy fix. It’s a family holiday. It’s on a Sunday. School doesn’t need to get involved. Same with Mother’s Day.

There is more than one perspective regarding this and I’ve only posted a few. There are many, many more but the poster I responded to said they’d never heard of this?

Well, if you want to use Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet who lives in Australia and wears clown clothes and has funny hair, go right ahead. Do you just post links without reading them? Fine. I’ll assume your links are useless from now on. If you’re not going to read them, neither should anyone else waste their time.

Did you even read the third link?? Are you just posting links that sound good in the title? Because why should anyone waste their time reading your links if you don’t read them yourself?

That may be true but that wasn’t the direction that school in the article was going. They were peddling their opinion.

There are many aspects to this subject. Traditions and norms are constantly being challenged. Transgenders competing in sports just made the news in Connecticutt because young girls who lost to a male/female transgender are upset. There are coaches and parents who are also stating this isn’t fair. There are changes to traditions that on the surface seem to be a more loving way to deal with a changing world but then some outcomes that weren’t expected, sometimes maybe worse than the original problem that was being attempted to solve? I’m not for promoting hate of any kind but there is no better substitute for a loving biological mother and father.

Yes…that is exactly what I did and I certainly didn’t mean to waste your time. The intent was to simply point out that there are forces working to end Fathers Day.

Seems your making an effort at condescending but I’ll give my thoughts and way:
Some people need supernatural events in order to believe. There are more than one virgin birth story and it’s designed to attract belivers. So what.
If you think about it the creator of all things and beings has no need to violate his own natural laws.
What supernatural event would it take for you to believe in God?
But hey, it’s father s day - of the natural borne male type. Be happy, celebrate you had one.

I’d like to edit and add that a loving “father” isn’t always biological and I wish you too a happy father’s day.

There are forces working to declare the earth flat, to fight the spelling of English words, to ban comic-con and Harry Potter for promoting idol worship and witchcraft.

So other than saying there are a few people out of 7 billion who care, what’s your point?

I think, a child is lucky to have loving parents who are there for them, and who can guide them, and lead them on the right path. There are some children in better situations, and some in worse. The poor kids who are living in single parent homes, or abusive/neglectful homes, have to play with the cards they are dealt.

In response to the second paragraph, I think Father’s Day has every right to exist just as much as Mother’s Day. I personally despise Mother’s day, but I’m not going to advocate for it’s abolishment. I realize that, while my mother cannot be a mother, while she is abusive and emotionally neglectful, there are good, loving women who are mothers and deserve to be celebrated for their acts of abnegation and compassion.

To the third paragraph, this is one of the things I disagree with in regards to Catholicism/Christianity. If someone is in an abusive relationship, then they have every right to save themselves without being shunned by the parish or the church. Many times, the mask of the abuser stays on until the victim is legally or financially bound to them. One cannot blame the victim for not understanding how to spot someone who could turn abusive, or who is abusive.

C’mon now.

Are you serious? It’s all over Facebook. There are some radical feminists who think that fathers are nothing more than sperm donors and baby sitters. I get that there are women who may have bore children to “piece of scum” men, but that doesn’t give them the right to bash good, loving fathers by removing Fathers’ Day. All functional family structures should be celebrated, and if they don’t like it, learn to keep silent for their peers. There’s always going to be something one doesn’t like, however, they have to hold their nose.

Like I said in my first reply to this thread, I personally despise Mothers’ Day, because of how my mother has treated me. But I’m going to celebrate it for all the good, loving mothers out there because they deserve to be celebrated.

The movement also encourages sexism, against males. They are, implicitly, grouping all men together (because by wanting Fathers’ Day abolished, they think that no father deserves to be celebrated) based on some bad experiences with the masculine sex. Third Wave Feminism has gone too far this time.

Nothing is all over FB unless you have previously liked items that will put those things on your newsfeed. I have nothing like that on my Facebook feed.

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Your standards for what constitutes a “movement” are a little light there, bud.

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And I guarantee to that whatever is all over FH’s Facebook is viral right wing links to some wackadoo in Australia saying something.

Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet, perhaps? Lol.

I 100% agree. The act of divorce and the reason for it can be hated but while loving those involved.

“all because the man is not needed”.

Why isn’t he needed? Didn’t he make a baby with this woman? When you make a baby, don’t you need to parent? Actually, to get Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) his identity is needed.

“Women get straight onto the welfare rolls.” They do? Many unwed women who are pregnant or already raising children work, if nothing else, at Walmart.

And are you aware that if sperm and egg donor don’t live together, and don’t marry (marriage abolishes his fine in this matter), sperm donor is billed by the states for his sex partner’s Medicaid as well as that ofhis child’s?

“On the other hand, all the step-kids and grandkids of my uncle are illegitimate”

They’re not legitimately children? Does anyone still use this term? BTW I can’t stand the term “single mother”, either, as if these women are blameless saints. I’ve got one in my circle of acquaintance who talks of her not so nice BIL “impregnating my sister”.

Sweetie, what was she doing while he was impregnating her? Watching reruns on

Quite frankly, I think the O P has a point. Lesbians in MA wanted to change the names of parents on birth certificates to “Parent A” and “Parent B”. I had to disagree with a sentiment on my FB page that we should wish Happy Father’s Day to “single mothers” as they’re doing both jobs.

So are widowed and custodial dads, and we don’t wish them Happy Mother’s Day. Younger adults think they don’t need to get married to have a baby, so, really, I guess they’re free to go at any time and leave the kid hanging financially as well as having a relationship with dad. Pretty much men are being regarded as disposable–same acquaintance says “(Sister) already got what she wanted out of him and wouldn’t care if he left.” It really is a disturbing trend, IMO.

Nice to see you back, btw.

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Working mothers are marginalized?

Haven’t seen that.

Some moms go back to work not to balance a career with parenthood, but because being in the house with one or more toddlers leaves them feeling the walls close in, and they need adult company outside of family.

Or they can work a little part time job into their schedule to have an employment record in case something happens to their primary breadwinner or his job.

Others work odd hours so the child doesn’t need day care, always has the presence of a parent.

There are many different scenarios for working moms, and I haven’t seen any of them dissed.

“God hates divorce”

Perhaps in Christianity, but in Judaism and Islam, it isn’t as stigmatized. It isn’t the first path to seek in the event of marital strife–in the latter tradition, anyone who can cause peace between husband and wife is venerated–but if all options to solve problems have been tried and failed, divorce is accepted as a last resort.

Does God hate infidelity? Sexual sodomy (there have been marriages ended when the wife found out her husband, shall we say, swung the other way).

Doesn’t he hate misconduct? Do you stay married when your spouse will be serving prison time long term for behavior that was part of a pattern, and you never restart your life with someone else, or alone?

Can’t agree here.