Is a loving father The Lord's blessing to a family?

One of the things I’ve witnessed during my lifetime, is the importance of a loving father and mother in the home. Both spectrums provide a mental balance to their offspring and help create a positive environment for them to thrive in maturity. Our culture has portrayed a stay at home mother as a person being less relevant than a career mother. Our culture has also accepted fathers not being responsible for their children whether it’s financially, physically, mentally or spiritually. There may be a law on the books for being financially responsible but our society doesn’t give much kudos to those that do.

Today is Father’s Day and there is a movement to have it banned because it’s “not inclusive”. When I consider the male, youth violence that has sprung up so recently in our society, I attribute it to the manifestations of the broken families with in our society. One of the common denominators of these mass shooters rampaging through schools is a broken or non-existent relationship between them and their father. Gangs are males replacing the need for their father with other males.

One of the few times I’ve read the word “hate” in the Bible, was when it says, “God hates divorce”.

To all the fathers out there, that have loved their off-spring and committed themselves to them by placing their needs ahead of your wants, happy father’s day.


Do you spend a lot of time scouring the internet trying to find things to be upset about?

I’ve heard of no movement.

There is? What’s the movement?

There isn’t. There was a hoax movement and a viral photoshop of a protest sign and a fake hashtag.

Happy Father’s Day. Yes, a loving father is an awesome thing. But it’s not the only kind of family that works well for children. I know happy well adjusted kids from all different family configurations.

In my experience it’s povery and addiction that ruin childhoods - not the sex of the parents.

Stay at home mothers have been put on a pedestal for decades now. Having been one for 18 years, I know this. We dominate the social scenes, the media, the parenting internet domain, the religious circles. I see working mothers being marginalized all the time.

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Happy Fathers Day everyone!

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My wife is a brilliant artist and very talented interior architect. She stayed home with the kids for 13 years. We are a very progressive family and I don’t think she ever a single time felt marginalized or condescended to.

This op is just hilariously rich with the straw man outrage.

Btw I’m at the beach and just got a brilliant hardcover copy of Glen Friedman’s “my rules” photo book from my kids for Father’s Day. So far it’s a good one! :slight_smile:

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This is true, especially in the African American community where most children are born out of wedlock and the child may never even know the name of his “baby daddy.”

However, the trend of white women and other minorities giving birth out of wedlock is actually increasing faster than that of black women, all because now the man is not needed. Women get straight onto the welfare rolls.

Some get off. Small sample size, but I know one unwed mother (I hate calling them “single mothers” - a phrase used to lump divorced mothers with women who gave birth out of wedlock) who took the government assistance she was given,got a college degree and now has an extremely well-paying job.

On the other hand, all the step-kids and grandkids of my uncle are iillegitimate, and they do nothing but live on welfare quite happily.

If the programs for education and advancement are there, I guess some women will take advantage of them and some won’t. Depends I think on if they grew up in an unwed-mother home with no dad present and think nothing of it, or if they were from a two-parent home and want to get to a level of that security instead of relying on the government.

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Smyrna sure falls for actual fake news a lot.

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Interesting that Jesus was borne to a male/father and female/mother family. This mother father influence is essential and civilization proves it dating back many centuries before and after Joseph and Mary.
This day is a day to honor fathers.
Happy Father’s Day

Well, he was born to a female mom, a male gendered god who impregnated somehow I guess, and then his moms husband, who was not involved in the transaction.

Then they hid out as refugees.

So yeah, your basic happy nuclear family.

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While a stable two parent home is generally superior it’s a little more complicated than just that.

Truth is that it is better to have one good parent who is willing to give the world for you than two ■■■■■■ parents who see you as a burden.

On the contrary, everything about Jesus birth was completely natural, and Joseph was naturally involved, just like everyone else. I wouldnt take the virgin birth story too seriously.
Hid out as refugees??? You lost me on that one.
Happy nuclear family??? Probably more like typical for the times.

Really? I thought Mary was a Virgin and was impregnated by some mystical turkey baster or other supernatural means.

Not take the virgin birth story too seriously? Isn’t that why Christians were crapping their pants around the world over “The Da Vinci Code”, because Jesus and Mary were portrayed as a regular couple who conceived in the regular way (He got her drunk first)? Basically you’re saying taking a HUGE part of Biblical belief belief and understanding and saying yeah, don’t read too much into that.

My bad. I thought the virgin birth was kinda integral to the mythology. And yeah, according to the Christmas story they fled to Egypt to hide from Herod, who was runnin around killin babies and such. That would make them refugees.

No need to apologize.

Lol Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet from Australia really matters.

Lol third link doesn’t really say what you want it to.

It was just what came up in the first four responses to my inquiry and shows that this is going on in other countries too.