Is a fair trial possible in Minneapolis?

So are you saying that their defense is essentially going to be that he would have died anyway?

Do you think it was the officer’s intent for him to die? I don’t. I think he misread the signs and went overboard in a methodology that’s taught and applied around the country. I’d have to agree that it’s murder due to the degree of negligence of his decision making but because he’s a professional, I believe manslaughter is appropriate in this case. He should have known.

They don’t care about elections, why should they care about a fair trial?

You’re cut from a different tree and I am grateful. I can’t blame the juror for caring about his family over this trial, especially given those that are leading the way and their level of give a ■■■■ relative to the level necessary to be that juror. They side with the perps.

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They are not looking for a fair trial. They are looking for vengeance.


Precisely…and they will destroy as many lives necessary to achieve it.

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The fentanyl is a side note. Yep…he may have or may not have died from it may always be a question but not “reasonable” relative to how the officer chose to deal with this level of risk that he was dealing with.

Yes, rent-an-expert.

I think that a demonstration that a neck hold does not cause injury if done in a way consistent with the video evidence would be a good way to refute whatever comes from the prosecution.

The question is whether the jurors are willing to risk destruction of their homes, risk losing their jobs, verbal harassment, and physical attacks to vote to acquit.

If the city was unwilling and/or unable to protect police stations, what are they going to do to protect jurors who effectively vote against the city council?


So what Chauvin did is equally as disgusting as the “this is prolly gonna happen” theoretical the OP just threw out as a “both sides just as bad” throwaway line, but hasn’t actually happened.

There is a poster in this thread that literally said the defense would be that Floyd died of a drug overdose.


In this thread.

How fair was George Floyd’s trial?


Intent as I understand it is 1st degree murder. 2nd degree murder is reckless indifference towards human life. From my perspective 2nd degree murder seems about right.

Who Jay?

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed

It does not matter if anything else contributed to his death. His death was caused by Officer Chauvin.

George Floyd literally died on video while begging for his life with a cop’s knee on his neck.

This isn’t correct.

Overdoses are instantaneous, even through the skin from just touching it if it’s pure enough.

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I’m just wondering cause it’s my pet theory that he swallowed his drugs rather than be arrested with them.

Also, 7ng/ml of fentanyl to blood is rated as being possibly fatal if combined with other drugs. Floyd was at 11.4ng/ml and had other drugs in his system.

Interesting. It seems my pet theory is becoming more likely.

I hadn’t seen this before I typed above but just searched it. It looks like it remains to be seen if it will be allowed into evidence.

Several chewed pills, and a whole pill that were fentanyl and meth.

Edit. The date in the forum link appears wrong, but in the article is correct. Not sure the cause of that.