Is a Civics class taught in schools today?

If there are any parents here, of kids from any age from kindergarten to high school, would you mind sharing your kids’ school curriculum for the grade that they were in for the school year just ending?

Are kids taught civics, how local and state governments work?

If they’re have US history classes, what are the focus of the text books - straightforward telling of the facts, or ‘selected’ incidents?

Every state in this country requires high school students to take either a “Civics” or “Government” class.

Yes all that stuff is covered.

Seeing how only so much content can be included in a textbook and school year curriculum, of course incidents are going to be “selected.”

I have three teenagers, all took or are taking civics at our local high school. My daughter is in 9th grade and her favorite teacher is in civics. She talks about that class every day.

No they are being taught 100% of American history. Sadly the class takes over 200 years to complete.


Strangely enough, what my daughter is studying very closely resembles my school years—over 30 years ago & in two different parts of the U S.

It was either in fourth or fifth grade the kids learned about voting & the process of selecting the POTUS. They’re as seventh graders learning ancient history—which I think is pretty neat. I’m willing to gamble ninth grade will be civics.


Some people are fed this steady diet of “public education is godless communism and homosexuality reprogramming”. It’s still just ■■■■■■■ school. No, teachers can’t lead you in prayer and yes there are isolated pockets of anecdotal silliness sometimes but they’re still learning math and Shakespeare and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.


Yes it is. In Wisconsin you have to pass a civics test to graduate high school.

Thank you! When I taught history, I didn’t go literally year by year.

Good. History is boring enough without doing that.


I see I was too subtle.

Are the “selected” incidents all about how evil white guys are to steal land from Native Americans, enslave Africans, etc., or are they presented in an information only way?

White guys have been pretty horrific in American history. How do you wanted it presented? It’s not college. Would you like a happy puppet show to spare people’s feelings?


Grab some textbooks and check it out for yourself.

Are those mutually exclusive? Is there a non-evil way to promote and practice chattel slavery or taking people’s land and causing a great amount of suffering?

It appears to me that the answers you received were not what you were hoping for. In fact it seems to me the answers are a complete repudiation of the implications in your questions.

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Albeit they were leading questions; the posters who responded did not go the way they were being lead when the questions were posed.

Social sciences & history standards must be looked up separately as Massachusetts is a Common Core state. These states have uniform standards for English & math by grade, but districts have more choices in offerings of other subjects.

For example, music programs & foreign languages that may be offered in one district may not be in another. Here is Lexington Public Schools guidelines for history & social sciences instruction:

If it isn’t taught with a Right Centric cast then what difference does it make?

The history that “Europeans stole the land” or alternately “Europeans civilized the savages”, how would one do “information only”.