Irregardless -- nothing important happening today

When the rest of the world trends over “irregardless”, you just know that there’s nothing else important happening today.

(Synopsis: An R Rep used the word “irregardless” in the impeachment bickering today, and the validity of that non-word is now trending on twitter.)

It is regardless :wink:

But to squabble over that, that shows Congress is truly a clown show. I can’t wait until this gets to the Senate to be blown to bits. :slight_smile:


Funny thing, I looked in this thread if for no other reason than to chide about the non-word “irregardless.”, not previously knowing about today’s controversy.

And evidently the non-word itself is the subject of discussion, as now I see. :smile:

Regardless of what you might think, irregardless is not a word. :smile:


Of more import is the Republicans ridiculous claim that the Democrats were going to impeach Trump in the first two years of Trump’s presidency. During that time there was a Republican majority in the House of Reps.

Well, it’s true. Ever since 2016 at least, there has been talk of impeaching the president. Just look at this:

Hell, Republicans were talking about impeaching Obama before he ever took the Oath of Office.

Democrats did the same thing with Trump.

Both parties are guilty of excessive zeal of this type.

How could a minority Democratic Party in the House of Reps have the votes to impeach Trump during the first two years of his presidency?

Yeah…we didn’t want to make him a martyr. Beside the moment impeachment was brought up racism allegations were made.

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True. But between Obama and Trump, only one of them was allegedly committing multiple felonies in an effort to impact the election outcome in their favor prior to winning the Presidency. Unindicted co-conspirator / Individual #1.

That didn’t stop partisans from trying to advance their agenda. Just ask Al Green or wacky Maxie Waters.

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Most exciting words since “do us a favor”.

Did the Democrats impeach Trump in the first two years of his presidency?

Who is included in this pronoun “us”? You, me America, Ukraine, the earth?
Just curious.


To me, it’s a mashup of “regardless” and “irrespective”.

According to someone at Miriam Webster it IS a word.

We must refudiate anyone who refuses to English properly. It’s not unpossible!

@anon14033751 Who believes that Trump would have used quid pro quo?

Darn. I was hoping that no one would notice the “though”. That is the really critical word that tells it all.

Joke if you like, but it make clear what Trump was doing.