Iraq syria turkey and some lying

So let’s recap some things here from the week.

Trump has a phone call with turkey, decides now is a good time to remove troops from syria so the turks can slaughter some Kurds.

Doesnt tell anyone till he tweets. Chaos and the GOP panic.

Decides 1900 troops are going to go to the sauds to protect them. Which makes sense because he wanted to get out of pointless wars?

Then we find out the Syrian troops are going to iraq, but iraq says they cant stay now. Only transit. So that was smart.

Now we learn he is gonna maybe put 200 troops back into syria to create a buffer or something? Maybe he wants to go after isil again since he let them all go for funsies.

All this master chess moves and we havent even touched impeachment and how much this week sucked for trump in that regard.

Thank you america for the dumpster fire.


how long have the 1900 troops been there?

Limply shrugs and looks away.

Well done Republicans.

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I haven’t seen this much energy and vitality since JEB! was in the primary debates.


You mean thank you Trump World.

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I really hope they are outcasted

a whole lotta non answer, but tons of nonsensical deflection

well the OPer is a no show what a shock

can anyone dare to answer the question in the second post? it is a sincere question. not a second post attempt at pure perfect snark

not even any of the 3 or 4 forum lefty deflecto-bots?

oh well

oh geeze! < smacks self >

i’m on ignore. what wuz i thinkin? lol

i can see why


You got em now!

i guess so! and all i did was ask a simple question

it must have undercut their idiot narrative in one fell swoop

anywho thanks for the at

How many American soldiers died during that? Do you think it’s mililitarily a good strategy to keep your adversaries guessing and confused about your intentions? Or is it better to stick to the same script as always and to let them know exactly what you are going to do?

I would appreciate your military genius advice here.

If it ain’t broke

Don’t be lonely. I see you. Hello in there. And stop hitting yourself. It’s not your fault.


These type of phrases always remind me of lionel richie

I use “hello in there” a lot. Got it from a John Prine song.

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Oh and while people are ignoring this. Russia and turkey just moved into our spots…

Good job trump


Supposedly Trump is announcing the lifting of sanctions on Turkey as I type (11.44 pm Perth time). Another truly appalling media announcement from Trump.

Doesn’t give a stuff about the loss of life as a direct consequence of his action.

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Speaking of lying, Obese Donald is on the TV right now lying his ass off and still whining about that damned Kenyan Usurper!