Iraq demands we leave

Looks like one of the main consequences of the Soleimani assassination is that the Iraqis don’t want us in their country anymore. They want us to also immediately cease all drone and air activity there.

“Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has asked the Trump administration to send a delegation to Baghdad to “lay down the mechanisms for implementing” America’s military withdrawal. In a statement posted on his official Facebook page, Mahdi said Iraq was “keen to keep the best relations” with its allies, but noted the parliament’s decision that the U.S. should "safely withdraw troops from Iraq.

The prime minister did not give a timeline, but according to the statement, he asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the phone Thursday "to send delegates to Iraq to lay down the mechanisms for implementing (the) Iraqi Parliament’s decision.

Mahdi also told Pompeo “that there are American forces entering Iraq and American drones flying in its skies without permission from the Iraqi government, and that this constitutes a breach of the agreements in place.”

That’s cute, they think they’re their own country.

No kidding. Now we can add “Not an occupation.” along with “Not a cult.”

Now now - I’m sure Trump will respect their sovereignty and work diligently to get us out of Iraq since getting us out of endless wars was one of the cornerstones of his campaign.


haven’t we killed all their leaders and converted them to christianity yet?


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