Irans top nuclear scientist assasinated

Tehran reports their top nuke scientist was killed in an apparent assasination

trump tweeted out the ny times story on it which has some people thinking the us is behind it

Is so thats a dangerous move…

Yes, being an Iranian nuclear scientist is a dangerous move.

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Which is more dangerous…him being alive or dead?

what’s dangerous about it?

Working a nuclear scientist in a rogue regime does tend to bring some worker’s comp cases.

There are a bunch of countries who would want him dead. The US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, so on and so forth.

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Well somebody has to give Mossad cover.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: of course it does.

With Trump all in a rage, it’s not unreasonable to wonder.

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lingering tds

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Awww maaaaan! Not Iran’s top nukular scientist! :rofl:

a question. if it turns out trump had him assassinated wouldnt iran be justified in retaliating against the US or trump personally?

Don’t worry, you’re gonna be supporting a new war in the middle east soon enough. :wink:


Really? Who exactly are we supposed to be afraid of?

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should have taken the obama money and invested in body armor

You know he’s dying to blurt it out.

Yep. Was he shot? If so congratulations to the shooter. How about popping the guy next in line?

There’s absolutely no downside to doing this.

If we are involved, kudos to Trump.


What are they gonna do?

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I’m right and you know it.

Well Trump has established that Iran is free to target our forces in the Middle East with no actual repercussions.