Iran Youran Threatens Stompyfeets

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warns President Trump about ‘mother of all wars’

Teri Webster (ToBlazes)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (mother of all doofuses) warned President Donald Trump on Sunday that hostile polices against Tehran are not advisable because “war with Iran is the mother of all wars,” Reuters news reported.


As long as ol Trumpus MAGA is in awfice I’m not a bit worried about Grand Poobah “Runny” Roohunny getting all puffy and threatening death to America. Are you? The man needs to put that goat bleat to music.

“Mother of all wars”… seems like I’ve heard that before…

Mother of all wars huh?

How about Mother Of All BOMBS!

Iraq and Afghanistan have turned out so well.

Well, they’ve killed a lot of bad guys and learned how to fight them pretty well.


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