Iran win gold at the Olympics Republican claim the Olympian is a terrorist

This Olympics isn’t off limit for the outrage culture of American politics, first the woman soccer team knelt before their game (Not during the anthem) and now Iran has won a gold.

Our favourite outrage queen Greene is already claiming Javad Foroughi is a terrorist because he happen to be Iranian.

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Weird. I just learned that there are Olympics being played. :thinking:

What Olympics?

now why wouldnt anyone know or care about the olympics?

When did the Olympics start?

About 5 or 6 days ago.

Dude you were literally the first responder in the Soccer team thread.

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You were also in the soccer team thread.

How much more RW virtue signaling are we going to have that can be equally debunked?


I thought that had to do with “normal” soccer. lol

That’s wasn’t the trials? :thinking: :rofl:

Do try and keep up. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not much better. It didn’t occur to me Iran would be competing and I only learned the Games were going on from reading about them Here.

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Right? When someone says Olympics, my first thought is 2024. This is no time for games. lol

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Opening ceremonies were only seen by 17,000,000. I guess you were not one of them.


What better time for games?