Iran: Trump throwing fire

Sounds like youre just imagining things

That would be a massive/historical move with major global economic impacts

Guess why Iraq had the same people but didn’t have ISIS while Saddam was alive?

Huh? Because Saddam was a Sunni dictator and after taking him out, Iranian exiles installed a Shia majority. Thats why the civil war in Iraq broke out post invasion.

Guess why Yugoslavia evolved into the Bosnian war?

Quit beating around the bush. Iraq is effectively an Iranian proxy state. If you think severely sanctioning them and threatening military action will bring peace or some new revolution you’re ignoring middle eastern history. They can turn up the heat in Iraq and Syria if needed.

I didnt realize Yugoslavia is in middle east and embedded with 1000s year conflict between religious sects

I’m very direct, if you know that same 75 year history you referred to?

We arent talking about eastern Europe. My god…

Then learn something and I’ll give you a hint…Tito.

Yugoslavia has nothing to do with Iran, Iraq and the strait of hormuz