Iran threatens to kill Trump and enrich Uranium, what will be Biden's response

The Iranian President Rouhani said that Trump’s life will end in a couple of days:

The sentence in question is this:

In a few days, the life of this criminal will end and he will go to the dustbin of history,” the official Iranian government site quoted him in

We are approaching the 1 year anniversary of the killing of the terrorist, Soleimani , who killed American soldier, and Rouani is threatening not only the US but also its current leader. So it is not ‘well, his term is expring in a couple of weeks’, but ‘the life of this criminal will end.’ I have been looking for Biden’s response. I have seen nothing. What kind of leader will Biden be, will he stay silent? Yes, I get that he hates Trump and the feeling is mutual no doubt, but will he seriously not say anything when the US President is threatened by the Iranian President.

Oh, and in the meantime Iran plans to expedite uranium enrichment that violates the terms of the treaty that they have now with European countries. They intend to increase the enrichment of uranium to 20%

Iran’s decision comes after its parliament passed a bill, later approved by a constitutional watchdog, aimed at hiking enrichment to pressure Europe into providing sanctions relief. It also serves as pressure ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Biden, who has said he is willing to re-enter the nuclear deal.

They are only supposed to be at 3.67 % and right now are at 4.5% now, already violating the accord that they have with Europeans but now threaten to get it to 20%, now it is granted Trump has said nothing either on this but Biden will be taking over in a few weeks, and his spokesman says nothing. .

Will Biden seriously consider sticking to his promise of getting to that feckless Iranian deal, and funding the country who is the largest funder of Middle East terrorism, when the Iranian president threatens to kill the current president as well as violate the terms of the accord?

Now, the accord that the Europeans who are not sanctioning Iran, do not reimpose sanctions even at 4.5% is violating. the terms. Will Biden keep to his promise of getting back into that feckless agreement with Iran that allows them to develop Nuclear weaponry after 2030, which previous to 2015 the demands of all US president was that no nuclear enrichment at all, Clinton, Bush, Obama til 2015. Now the agreement that was made, for those who said they abided by the agreement overlooks the fact that no one was allowed to inspect any military bases, that was off limits. There are tremendous weaknesses in that agreement, a few examples shown here. :

Finally, shouild we lift sanctions and fund Iran terror again, for a weak agreement, that they make with Europeans far away, and not with the agreement of countries who are most directly threatened by the threat of Nuclear weaponry such as Saudia Arabia,Israel who they want to incinerate, and those countries in the Middle East that Trump had made agreements with Israel? Those are the countries who are at most risk of Iran getting nuclear weapons. If they see them getting access to Nuclear weapons, why do you think Saudia Arabia will not seek access as well?

Whar will Biden do and what should Biden do?

Imagine how fun they will be once they get a bomb. A regime who’s people think “Mutually assured destruction” might not sound like a bad idea.

Biden does not represent the US yet so I’m not sure he is responsible blue for any response at this point.

The US pulled out of the treaty so Iran can do as they please. If Trump wasn’t happy with the treaty he should have negotiated a better treaty instead of just pulling out. Pulling out allowed Iran to do as they please. If they choose to continue honoring it, that’s their decision but they are no longer bound by treaty to do so.

What would biden do? send them another pallet with a couple of billion in cash.


Probably a poor translation of Farsi.

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Serious discussion. Keep that in mind. If there is a legitimate threat to President Trump, a similar response that Clinton did in his opening months against Iraq when Hussein was planning to kill former president Bush is probably a close and similar scenario. And even that one was questionable if Iraq really even tried that.

Kiss their asses.

Notice how Iran is talking tough after Trump is almost gone. That and setting the stage for more ass kissing from United States government.

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Someone find the actual audio or Farsi transcript of this ‘death threat’.

That’s true. That plus give them billions in cash.

Actually that is not true. They are supposed to be in agreement with all the European countries, the US pulled out, Trump has said no nuclear enrichment at all. Iran had not agreed to that so why should he have stayed in? That is what Clinton, Bush, and pre 2015 Obama said. They are supposed to be in agreement with European countries, China and Russia. Those countries are supposed to be in agreement with the weak JCPOA but Iran thumbs their noses at them, even though they have sanction relief from those countries. It was well known that the no nuclear enrichment was allowed thing is what he was asking for, they showed no signs of going to that. He even actually offered to meet with Iranian leaders but was rebuffed.

You’ve got to be kidding me right? They’re talking tough about Trump because they’re not afraid of Trump. Any of this ring a bell? Shooting down our incredibly expensive drone? They now know under Trump they can fire ballistic missiles from Iran and try to kill our troops(and wound dozens of them) and know there will not be repercussions. They don’t need to talk tough anymore with Trump. They can do whatever they want.

If he took the time to say he wants to get back into that JCPOA agreement, for about a year before he would ge tinto power, even though he is not in power for 18 days, shouldn’t he give a response to a death threat, and respond to the fact that they are going to 20% enrichment. Do these actions not impact his getting back to that agreement in 18 days, can’t he at least give a signal that this is unacceptable?.

Anyone remember when Iran took Americans hostage? Kept them for 444 days and released them on the very day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. Why is it the Iranians are emboldened to threaten and kill Americans when Democrats are in power in America but don’t when Strong Republicans are in power?

Biden the Feckless will do nothing but encourage not just the Iranians, but all terrorists around the world that it’s once again open season on America and her allies. Get ready, it’s coming…


I love this myth that Reagan was this super powerful leader that no one would ■■■■ with. Iranians had no problem taking hostages during Reagan’s term. Lebanon. Or killing our Marines and CIA agents. Also Lebanon. The release of hostages on Reagan’s first day was a ■■■■ you to Carter who the Iranians hated. And that deal had been agreed to by the Carter administration. Nothing to do with Reagan. Iranians learned that not only did they not have to fear Reagan, they learned they could scam him into giving them weapons. Iran-Contra.

remember when iran launched missles at an american base in iraq a year ago???
what weak president was in the oval office ???

You mean the weak ass save face “retaliation” which we knew was coming and no one was even injured let alone killed? Wonder why they don’t threaten Trump or America while he’s still in office? Could it be because they know he will bomb the ■■■■ out of them if they do?

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What should Biden do here on January 20, should he limp back to that JCPOA again after Iran threatens the current President and threatens to get to 20% uranium? What will he do?

What should Biden do in response to these threats, what will Biden do?

except for the 109 service men who suffered brain injuries according to the pentagon…

Kill the nuclear deal with Iran.

Act surprised when they no longer feel like they have to abide by the deal.