Iran threatens NYC

lol, threatening to build a nuclear weapon if we try to stop them from building a nuclear weapon… i’m sorta seeing the same result.

I’m sure its NATO’s fault

is there really anyone left who doesn’t know that at some point war with iran is inevitable?

Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

yeah well… surrender is not an option

They’ll do nothing. Democrats are hellbent on siding with Iran over America since Obama was elected.


What does NATO have to do with it?

oh. i know. but at this point i think its gone too far and there is no way to avoid it.

nothing, but i’m sure someone will find a way to make it nato’s fault

Iran’s longest range ICBM is 1.200 miles. Yes they have a big missile development program. But they have a ways to go to make one that could hit NYC from their country.

lol… so do nothing.


Got a plan? What do you think we should do at this time?

make up our minds.

Stop pretending that it’s possible to negotiate in good faith with a despotic theocracy and treat them like the enemies they are? That would be a start.


not airlifting them pallets of cash would be good too


It was their money.


Speaking for all of New York City, we’re terrified.

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that we didnt have to send them

What is there to a fear being threaten by a regime by nuclear weapons who’s core philosophy might say mutually assured destruction might not sound like a bad idea.

Or as a politician said “You think Iran is bad news now wait to they get the bomb”.

Where did you get the idea that a nuclear weapon could only be delivered via a missile? Who told you that?

They could put it on a barge and float it into N.Y Harbor.

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Yes we did. Do you not pay attention to history?