Iran Shoots Down US Drone

So apparently Iran shot down a US Triton drone. US says it was over international waters. Iran says otherwise. Want to point out that I believe these drones cost over $120,000,000. So, what happens next? No comment from Trump yet. Trump has made it a point to brag about how tough he is and how Iran doesn’t challenge the US like they did when Obama was president. So any guesses as to the next step? I’m guessing tough twitter talk. And nothing else. That or he straight out ignores it.

Yeah…yeah…let’s go to war and lose lives over this drone or holes in ships that aren’t ours? What reaction do you want OP? Do you want a war?

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No I don’t want a war. I’m not sure what the appropriate response is. But I know what wasn’t an appropriate response. Us pulling out of the Iran deal which triggers this whole thing we’re dealing with now.

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Yeah…I know. They’re the eagle scouts of the world. That said, I’m not convinced Iran even shot down the drone. Iran has NOTHING to gain by doing that. Saudi Arabia though…does. I smell a rat and believe there’s a high probability that “we” are being manipulated right now.

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Iran is claiming they shot it down but that it was over Iranian territory.

I don’t know why Pompeo and Bolten are pushing for a confrontation but…they are and I don’t like it. I also hope that the trail of the drone was tracked by a source the world can trust and determine who is correct?

It looks like Iran is taking credit for it.

I don’t know about Pomeo, but Bolton has wanted war with Iran since we invaded Afghanistan.

I’m afraid we are going to war.

They aren’t eagle scouts. But when we were in the deal, they weren’t bragging about surpasing their U. limit, and they weren’t blowing up ships, or shooting down drones, were they?

IMO…these attacks were not done by Iran but by a source that wants the US in a war with Iran. Personally…I don’t give a damn. Let those in the middle east and the owners of the ships do their own bidding. It’s NONE of our business. Can we all agree on that?

Had it been an Iranian drone over America, I would hope that it would get shot down. Hard to blame them for this. It’s not like anyone was killed.

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Well, that source is the WH. John Bolton wants a war with Iran.

No thanks on war with Iran.


Rare moment of agreement.

Although Iran admitted they shot it down.

But I think the drone was in their airspace and our guys are lying because Bolton WANTS this war.

Maybe you shouldn’t fly your fancy drones over Iranian waters.


I agree. Let’s celebrate. :tumbler_glass:

Even more…I am in the bizarre position of hoping Tucker Carlson keeps President Trump’s ear because he’s urging the President to go cautiously.

And I don’t think the President wants this war either.

I did warn people that Trump appointing Bolton was a huge mistake.

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Still nothing from Trump. Which is odd because I know he knows about it because they talked about it on Fox.

I think Iran wants the US to attack them.

They’re not dumb. They read American papers. They know that a faction of the white house (under Bolton and Pompeo) have been wanting a war with Iran for decades. They also know Trump doesn’t want a war, and neither does his most hardcore base (Thank you Tucker Carlson, of all people).

Further, they also know that the American public doesn’t have the stomach for another Middle Eastern Quagmire. Neither does America’s allies (save Israel).

Basically getting into a war would hurt Trump, hurt America, and hurt its allies. Meanwhile, it would strengthen Irans extremists over it’s moderates and feed every single twrrorist groups narratives that exist.

And Trump has, of course, made things worse. He unilaterally withdrew from the Iran deal - which Iran was abiding by - to the objections of literally everyone. He’s been plenty of bluster about action against Iran because he’s literally incapable of backing down.

So now Iran feels free to do overtly aggressive actions, knowing if the US retaliates, it’ll end in disaster.

So. Good Job Trump.